The change report
The change report shows how the players in your squad changed their skill at the season update. The change report is available for about 2 weeks after the season update from your team log.

Players who have increased their skill will have a plus sign to the right of their names and those who have had their skilled lowered will have a minus sign. Players with neither a plus or a minus sign have not changed their skill at all or if the skill change been too small to be detected.

Below the list of players on the change report there are some horizontal bars that show increases in, decreases in, and aggregate changes in skill. Increase in skill shows the aggregate increase for those players who have increased their skill. Decrease in skill shows the aggregate decrease for those players who have lowered their skill. And finally Aggregate skill change shows the aggregate change in skill for the whole squad.

It is important to be aware that the skill you see a player has is not his/her true skill but has been rounded off to the nearest whole number. For example, if a player has 6 "skillboxes" it means the player's true skill lies somewhere between 5,50 and 6,50. This means that players can increase/reduce their skill quite a lot without it showing in the number of "skillboxes".

Earlier change reports
If you are VIP you can see stats around your earlier change reports in each team. You can see stats for the team such as total skill change, average skill and average age of the team in a specific season but also individual change report stats player by player. You can see their previous skill along with their percentual skill change from specific seasons.