Job centre
In the Xpert Leagues as well as in the Xpert Ladies there is something called the job centre where managers can apply for new jobs. This means that managers in the Xpert Leagues and in the Xpert Ladies League are not locked to one particular team. They can of course stay with the same team but they have also opportunity to apply for a job in another team.

In the Xpert Leagues one will be able to apply for jobs in all the Xpert Leagues. For example there might be managers who want to play in the same Xpert League as their friends and in the job centre they have the chance of doing this. In the Xpert Ladies league one can only apply for a new job within that league.

Changes of clubs are final and cannot be reversed. If one applies for a job and gets it one cannot say no and/or keep the old team.

Criteria┬┤s for being qualified for club change
To be allowed to apply for a new job there are however some requirements that have to be met.

1) One must have been with the current club for at least 3 months
2) One must not have changed the name of the current club in the last 3 months.
3) One must have a manager rating of at least 3. If it is below 3 one is of no interest in the job market.

All teams from all divisions except the two lowest divisions in the Xpert Leagues and the Xpert Ladies that are inactivated will be placed in the job centre. They will remain there for 3 days and during that time one can apply for a job in the team. When the 3 days have passed all applications will be examined and a decision will be made as to who gets the job. The decision will be based on the following criterias.

* The merit that counts is based on the managers manager skill. (NOTE! in the Xpert Ladies it is the rating within that league that counts and not the rating shown in the lobby which is based on the Xpert Leagues).

* Managers who have a place in Hall Of Fame gets merit points equal to 6 skill bars added to his/her merits if it the same league system that the manager received his place in Hall of fame in.

* All managers also gets merit points for their loyalty shown for their current club. The longer the manager has been with his current club the more merit points will be added to his merits in his application. For example: 6 months would give merit points equal to 1.7 skill bars and 24 months would give merit points equal to 5.3 skill bars.

The manager who gets the job will change teams immediately after the decision has been made. The new club is activated and the old one is inactivated and placed in the job centre. The other managers who had applied for the job will receive a mail in the mailbox thanking them for showing interest in the job and a message saying the club chose another manager.

There are a few occasions when clubs can disappear from the job centre before the deadline and in some cases without being taken over by another manager. This happens when the team for some reason is reactivated and the old manager gets his/her old team back. If a new season is started before the deadline the change of managers will take place when the new season starts and the deadline has then have to be moves forward.

The job centre is, as said before, only available in the Xpert Leagues and in the Xpert Ladies League. The advantages with the job centre are that "classic" teams can be taken over instead of disappearing and also that skilled managers have a better chance of advancing in the league by moving to teams higher up in the league system.

If there are no applications to take over a certain team when the deadline expires the team will be made available to managers who do not already have a team in the Xpert Leagues/ Xpert Ladies.

Change of manager in private leagues
A modified "Job Centre" is available in the private leagues. When a team gets inactivated it will still be replaced by the manager in the queue. If there are no managers on the waiting list, then anyone in the league can apply to take over the inactivated team. This can be done at the inactivated team's team page. When an application for the inactivated team has been made, then the league admin will be able to approve the change of manager. The applicant with the highest manager skill in the league will get the job. As this "Job Centre" has no deadlines the manager changes will take place when and if the league admin decides to accept the application. You can find inactivated teams in the league at the members page.

Please note that only managers that has been with his current club for more than a month can change club within the league. Also note that the manager skill in private league job centres are based on the manager points received from the games last 3 months. The loyalty bonus is also added to the manager value in private leagues.