One way of getting a higher Xpert rating and also to get additional vip days for free is to recruit members to Xpert Eleven. For each recruited valid member you will get points added to your Xpert rating for 3 months. If the recruited member buy vip-membership you will get vip days added to your vip status.

* An recruitment link can be used. It should look like this "" where 1 should be replaced by your member number. (You'll find your member number on your settings page)

If a new user signs up to the site through your link this information is saved. It will be checked every night to ensure that this newly registered user is a real valid user and no fake user. This means that a recruited user may count for different amount of points from day to day depending on whether he is connected to other users or not (for example if he/she is sharing computer with other users on the site). If the user is considered to be a real user, points are given that increases your Xpert rating. The maximum number of points that can be added to your the Xpert rating is 30 and the points from each recruited member will affect the Xpert Rating for 3 months.

If you have recruited someone, you will see a link in the lobby with the number users recruited by you, recruited users that still affects your Xpert Rating and the number of points that still affects your Xpert Rating. If you click on this link you will get information on who you have recruited and additional stats.

You can also get extra VIP days added to your account if any of the members you recruited buys VIP during their first year as a member on the site. Your VIP will be extended with 5% of every purchase made by your recruited users. For example, one of your recruited members buy 6 months VIP, (180 days x 0.05) = 9 days will be added to your VIP period.

A recruitment will only count if it has been done by using the recruitment link when he/she joins Xpert Eleven.