Team of the month
TOTM is a ranking of the teams in each league system that is based on the teams results in competitive matches during the current month. Each teams will get a result value after each match they play. The base of this result value is:

4 points for each win on away ground
3 points for each win on home ground (or neutral venue)
2 points for each draw on away ground
1 point for each draw on home ground

In addition to this there is also 1 point for winning the chances on away ground and a half point for winning the chances on home ground. These base points will then be weighted by the relative strength of the two teams. So if your team faced a stronger opponent then your team's result value from that match will be higher than if your team faced a weaker opponent.

This feature will be available in all leagues. Please note that it will only contain a ranking list if there has been any competitive matches played during the current month. The official team of the month is based on the Xpert leagues and will be presented in the lobby. But it can also be found when you are logged on to your team in the Xpert leagues (our official league system).

You will also find that, on the new page presenting the team of the month ranking, you will see how your team and your favorite teams are placed in the ranking. This feature is something that is a vip feature though. The ranking is updated each night during the nightly updates.

After each month the team with the highest accumulated result value will be awarded the “Team-of-the-month-medal” which will be displayed on the team's team page during the month after. It will also be included among the team's merits on the club history page. Besides the medal the team will also receive an amount of money depending on the size of the league system according to this list:

> 1000 teams = 1 million econ
200-1000 teams = 750 000 econ
100-200 teams = 500 000 econ
50-100 teams = 400 000 econ
30-50 teams = 300 000 econ
12-30 teams = 200 000 econ
< 12 teams = 100 000 econ