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CL Istanbul 05
Division 1b, Ultimate League
Manager: Plaristocrates
Dunstan's message
Whilst speaking to the press about the details of Monday's visit by Sale United FC, a visibly emotional Todd Dunstan broke down and issued a tearful message to their longstanding manager Mike01:

"He seems to be a silent gaffer so I'm not expecting a reply, but Mike, if you are reading this, I'd just like to thank you from the bottom, top and middle of my heart for being the first manager - at the fourteenth time of asking - to closely mark me this season.

"You have finally restored my belief and confidence in the full total of skill bars that I've acquired over the years, and for that I will be grateful until my career ends and I cease to exist. You know it's funny that some of the lads think there is a place where players go after they retire, but I've been playing this game for 18 seasons since joing Boobbo FC as an 18/5, and have never seen any evidence of that.

"Others (such as my young colleague Clinton Trapani) think that we are nothing but fragments of binary code, mere pawns in a grand electronic game to be disposed of at will by our invisible masters. I don't mock Clinton for his crackpot theories but I'm always there to give him a kick up the backside and remind him to focus on the reality of the match.

"Anyway, Mike, if and when I can help to secure promotion to Division 3 I will dedicate it to you."

2018-06-11 19:10 1674 Views Reporter: TonyBrazil

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