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F.C. Internazionale
Division 3h, Hattrick League
Manager: Codespyder
It's Time
Parkway Forest are almost ready to make their debut in the top flight, and the challenges don't get any bigger than hosting the defending champions Better Than Life in the very first match. Manager Codespyder previewed his team ahead of the game.

"We're so happy to be here and on paper, we're a middle of the pack team so survival is the goal. Obviously, a lot can happen and stuff like form and injury can change all that. To be able to host the defending champions is an absolute joy and I hope we can make a game out of it."

Forest are without goalkeeper Mauro Areosa as he recovers from an injury suffered on the final day of last season, so he's able to understudy Mats Vik will don the gloves in goal against a ferocious opposition. Vik deputized ably in Forest's promotion sealing match after Areosa was carted off, so the young keeper is no stranger to pressure.

"We'll try to keep him and our goal well-protected but if we need to call upon him, we know he can do a job. Defensively, obviously, things are tougher after we lost our best defender to retirement."

B-C Hagerth was an 18-skill defender who, despite exiting at 34, did not once drop in skill and retired at his peak. Filling in his considerable absence will be difficult, but one defender, in particular, is primed to make the jump for many seasons to come. 26-year-old Brian Deeney is a 16-skill who has the potential to make it to the very top. Having been with the club since Div 5, the academy product is ready to step in and lead the way.

Elsewhere, Forest have an aging but still strong midfield led by 31-year-old Patric Frostberg, who has bedded in very well in his two seasons at the club, and captain Tue-Bech Holten who will look to close out his career with a title. Upfront, the formidable pairing of Roger Mordillo and Aroldo Coppola will look to maintain Forest's strong goal scoring form through the divisions. Both can function well by themselves as the lone striker or together in a deadly partnership.

Still, the challenges in the top flight will be greater than the Divisions before. Skill will only go so far. Form and tactical astuteness will be required to see the team through. Still, it's been a long time coming and the gaffer just had one more thing to say.

"Let's all sit back, give everything we've got, and enjoy the ride"

2019-10-19 19:30 1505 Views Reporter: Sayan44

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