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BK Bollplank
Division 4d, Hattrick League
Manager: Roberto11x
Lucky Play Off Spot
The final round miracle we needed actually happened, and we're left feeling very lucky to be in the play offs.

It's safe to say, Division 2c was the hardest of all divisions across all of Hattrick League this season - just have a look at the average performance stats for teams across the board with Cyka Blyat (2nd) averaging 17 bars, us (3rd) and The Dukes (5th) on 16 bars, and Division winners Owl Street (14th) on 15 bars.  These kind of performances are good enough for the XCL, let alone Division 2.  It's really not fair any of us have to miss out, and we're fortunate to grab the play off spot - we only occupied the spot in Round 1 and then again today, spending most of the season bobbling between 3rd and 6th!

Commiserations to The Dukes for leading the Division most of the season, and to Cyka for putting in such big performances yet still missing out - and thanks to the latter for going full strength in the final round, when their chances on paper were mathematically very slim.

We will be the top placed seed in the play offs and look set to face the legendary Samba Juniors.  Although we have a strength advantage, we're missing two key players, and don't have a good striker for the game.  The manager there knows how to win one-off matches, having won the XCL twice and the Cup here six times!  I'm hoping our luck hasn't run out just yet...

2020-01-19 10:05 1844 Views Reporter: Hertz_Van_Rental

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