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Final League, Final League
Manager: SteaMBoileR
For the first time since I started this game, I thought I needed to make a press release. This second generation team, which I established with only players from the infrastructure, managed to move to the second league. My first generation team (Season 49) had also moved up to the second league. However, we could not see any further. I think we can achieve this with our current staff.
This season, our goal is to finish second after Immortal Penguins. League admin Carlos06 has formed a team that will win XCL. It is a club that I have followed for 3 seasons. It is a club that won all its games outside last season. It is not an advantage that we own a house. 28-year-old Tito Henriques is sold, Nahit Gürbüz may not be able to play tomorrow. But it still has many players with special abilities. Our job is really hard. I wish him success.
Southampton, El Tornado, Troace Mare and Manchester UNDT, which I see as rivals for second place. Our goal is second place but it wouldn't be a surprise if we finish the league last. Because there are strong teams and talented managers in our group.
Southampton, the team of the Cazfc Manager, we met in our first match, is the strongest club of this group. However, their actors are old. I am glad that I got 1 point for a match that was a tactical mistake for me. Achievements.
El tornado is a club I have followed for 3 seasons. I knew we would be rivals one day. We will play two matches that I think will be very difficult. Feejohn7 already good luck.
Radu_coasta _...; In fact, Troace Mare was the strongest team you saw for second place before the league started. He proved this with his performance in his first match. However, I couldn't understand how he played 343 lineups and two young offensive players in the match he played with me. I think I looked weak from the outside. However, in that game, I distributed 800,000 econ as a Win bonus. Achievements.
Manchester UNDT. : It's a complete closed box. I don't know anything about his actors. I think I have time until the matches I will play with him. Smugdrugglers remained in the league despite losing in the last game last season. The most influential team appears in the statistics last season. I think he will be more cautious this season. Achievements.
Sardines: SirSardine did amazing last season, winning the last 4 games and became my opponent again. I did not expect that. SirSardine is a very good Manager, but his players look old. If this team remains in the league, it can stay thanks to SirSardine. Achievements.
And finally Maxnatu; We met Man.City 6 times 3 years ago. When I say Maxnatu, I think of "stubborn". We were in the same group 12 seasons ago. While he was leading the league from beginning to end, he eliminated me in the last match with average. He taught a good lesson. This season, it pushed me very hard. We managed to find a goal in the last 5 minutes to the end of the match. Maxnatu is a good Manager, but his players may not be able to finish in the top five of this league. I think he is aware of this and will go to a new structuring. Achievements.
I love this game. It's a very special game. I like that it doesn't improve and stays the same. My only concern is the number of Managers is decreasing day by day. The new generation does not show much interest in this game. However, it is a game that is easy to play and difficult to master. Good luck to everyone again.

2020-09-12 01:34 1058 Views Reporter: TonyBrazil

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