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Crimson Star
Xpert International, Xpert International
Manager: LFC73
Very Cautious Proceedings!
Crimson Star travelled to the rebuilding Zacgold FC for yesterday's penultimate League match, and with a bare minimum team travelling coupled with an overly cautious approach, came away totally unscathed in both injury and yellow card concerns with a 0-0 draw.

"We created enough credible chances (5-1) to win the match," said Manager LFC73. "But the result was furthest from my mind as we were looking ahead to Friday's massive Cup Final.

"Their Keeper had an absolute blinder which kept us out of the net, but other results went in our favour to keep us in a pretty secure position for a second place finish in our first foray into the top league.

"Most importantly we suffered no further injury woes or yellow card concerns. Strangely enough, they decided to mark lone striker Phil Hacker who was sitting one yellow away from suspension, but he somehow came through the match despite being a bit of a mouthy bugger!

"Top defender Alexander Patriksson was entirely left out as he is also on the brink of suspension, but the other lads were more than capable of dealing with any threat the opposition imposed.

"Overall I have to be happy enough with how things look going into Friday's match, although there were several form setbacks - most notably up front - and Mathew Nightingale will be sorely missed on the big day. He's totally gutted at missing out on such a momentous occasion given his tenure in helping build this team into what it is, but the rest of the lads are determined to put in their best efforts for him!

"At the end of the day it will be what it will be. It's been a great run to get this far after all the years of building, but I'd hate to end up being the bridesmaid in both League and Cup for all our efforts!"

2021-04-08 23:30 921 Views Reporter: TonyBrazil

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