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Job vacancy
The Ultimate League was the first ever official league I joined. I was in it for almost 10 years, only leaving to save my current team from deletion at season end. It has been a year and a half since I left the Ultimate League and I still keep a close eye on the comings and going's, job centre vacancies and press releases in that League.

When I first joined the Ultimate League they were administered by BKHilliard and his team Cesaro HyperForce. I didn't understand much about the official leagues back then, but reading the forums and the scribbles I found that BK ruled with a firm but fair hand but always felt that the Xpert Gods were against him and his team.

He had many battles in the top flight, something that I watched from afar down in the depths of division 7. From memory he was unlucky on a few occasions and eventually his fellow Ultimate League scribblers willed him on to get a league title. This duly arrived in season 20, and the celebrations and congratulations in the Scribble lasted long.

Eventually BKHilliard had enough of the admin job and keeping the Ultimate League in check and departed. Quinn took on the job in what was a popular appointment amongst the masses and steadied the Cesaro ship for a few seasons.

However, with all managers and teams boredom set in and he eventually resigned to be replaced by a series of bot managers as the team fell into disarray.

So now the team only has seven players and is due to be deleted in the season update tomorrow. There is one last chance to save them as they are in the job centre, along with all the other teams who will be deleted. Some familiar names I remember in that list.

If anyone fancies the Ultimate challenge you have until half one this afternoon to save one of the Ultimate Leagues most favourite teams, otherwise we are just left with the memories.

2021-06-06 02:04 1742 Views Reporter: TonyBrazil

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