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TSV Underestimate Opposition
Sporto find themselves one step from a banana skin

Season ends on a high for the Saints
Manager delighted but planning changes to the squad, no one is safe.

A perfect season for the Bananamen
Roller coaster boss stays with team for one more season

Talent spotter!
Spotlight on the scout

Dublin Bay Rovers secure thrilling win
Intensity, dedication, attractive football; Dublin's manager testifies his team has the lot
2023-06-13 19:18 I AM A 5 STAR MANAGER
2023-06-01 00:19 Minutes away from a great escape
2023-05-24 09:07 Decisive final match
2023-05-13 19:54 Chaos theory
2023-04-26 00:02 Old Salt sunk in second half surge
2023-04-19 23:46 Legendarily bad champions!
2023-02-16 00:13 Bigger than the big boys
2023-02-08 00:18 Lambert harsh suspension sours success
2023-02-07 23:12 Thank you Ignacy Czubak
2023-02-04 22:48 Important victory for the Bhoys
2023-01-25 23:17 Div 1A: It's all over but the crying
2022-11-26 17:47 The good results continue!
2022-11-13 00:49 Super League
2022-11-04 23:02 Shock playoff final win for Maracanã
2022-10-20 09:31 Accidental signing secures playoff spot
2022-10-13 09:16 B0lters has whipped the boys into shape!
2022-10-10 18:56 R10 - Greatest success in club history
2022-09-28 09:16 Shock release at Forest !!
2022-09-02 08:59 Dream come true for Roy
2022-07-22 10:28 Promotion for Forest
2022-07-17 15:11 Harry Nyberg
2022-07-01 00:09 Routine Win for Young Bohs
2022-06-17 01:38 Injuries and their perfect timing
2022-06-08 00:47 Thumping defeat for Forest !!
2022-06-02 02:02 FC YHC

AC Millerpool does it again
Pat_Bateman wins his fourth Euro League title after another brilliant fightback

Xpert Champions League LXX
The 70th season of Xpert Champions League has been drawn.

A masterful League Victory.
Season 64 in the Master League had a twist in the tail as a dramatic job change with a game left defined one teams season and made it a hectic finale.

XCL LXIX (69) Knockout stages to final
It's a Tour de Milan, Leipzig, Yarmouth, Montreal, North Shields and more but where will the XCL trophy land?

Nothing Generic about this Classic!
Generic FC win the Classic League title with an unbeatable display

Golden League double achievement
Scoring goals? The Buzzards are not bothered because it is the winning that counts

Birds still flying above the rest!
Angry Birds seal a sixth consecutive league title to establish themselves as an all time great in the Ultimate League.

XCL LXIX (69) Group Stage review
A tournament to find the best teams in the game with 8 groups of 4 all filled with surprise and shock as only 16 teams will survive to the next stage

Manager of the Week: Mattyp2
U Can't Touch our latest MotW winner

Manager of the Week: Jarv610
A former Dream League winner proves that being Basica doesn't mean you can't be the best
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