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Matchstick Men set Xpert League alight
TonyBrazil completes his redemption story with a barnstorming first Xpert triumph

Manager of the Week: Nimby
Their Engine Room is fuelled by the Youth Academy and it produces a Manager of the Week award

Golden League is a gamers' paradise
It was never Game Over for Amiga

Its those dang Pandas again!
Yes, that's right, Jesus and his Pandas are back for yet another league and cup double as the Ultimate League season concludes.

XCL LXXI (71) Group Stage review
Hooligans, Angels, Giant and Pink Pandas, Angry and PANIC teams, all Glory Finding in the group stage hoping to make it through to the knock out stage

Game updates: an interview with Saarde
Face editing, new skill bar colours, AI teams in private leagues, and more. Saarde talks about the changes with explanations and insights.

*New update 2024 - AI and more*
The game has seen updates in a number of areas, that were all implemented on the 1st of April

Two more MotW winners
Patrese and BlueArm06 join the increasing list of first time winners of Manager of the Week

Nail biting to the end in Xpert Ladies
A title fight so close that the victor admits it took them a day and a quarter to pluck up the courage to find out how it ended

Manager of the Week: Speed723
The Need for Speed723 continues at My-Tee Athletic as the club hunts down a place in the top flight of the Ultimate League
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