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Due to our update this morning took longer than planned we decided to postpone games and transfers between 10.30-11.00 CET with another hour. Sorry for the delay.

Important dates (Classic League)

These are the dates for the end of the current season and the beginning of the next season

2015-06-11 18:30 (Thursday)
The cup final in Classic League Cup is played

2015-06-14 18:30 (Sunday)
The last round in the league is played

2015-06-15 00:00 (Monday)
The play off matches are scheduled

2015-06-16 18:30 (Tuesday)
The playoff matches will be played

2015-06-17 05:00 (Wednesday)
The season update is run and the transfer window opens again

2015-06-20 (Saturday)
The next season is created and the Classic League Cup is drawn

2015-06-25 18:30 (Thursday)
The first leg of the first round in Classic League Cup is played

2015-06-28 18:30 (Sunday)
The first round in the league is played

All times are Central European Time (GMT+1). As the clock above the menu to the right.
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