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Angels flying high
Kellys Angels defend their league of Champs title with an impressive season.

Dramatic finale to season
Golden League season 51 review: three teams competing for the title until the final whistle.

Ultimate Calamity crowns Ultimate Title
Jesus and his Pandas continue to break records in spite of old age after a dramatic final day in the Ultimate League.

XCL 56 Round Up : Road to Quarter final
The Xpert Champions League, season 56 continues to be as dramatic as it's former editions, with some shocking exits and surprising results

An Xpert Ad-venture
Xpert Eleven is offered a helping hand by an enterprising entrepreneur who also happens to be a manager in the game. Read then vote in the forum poll

XCL Season 56 - The Introduction
The stage is all set for Xpert Champions League season 56, as 32 teams battle it out for the ultimate glory. The story, so far...

The most expensive game of all time?
We delve deeper into the highest squad values in the game and find the top two teams are both in the Ultimate League, and faced each other this week.

No sicknotes as XI powerhouse returns
Former XCL winning side Unwell FC are back in the big time in the Xpert International and promptly go on to win the double.

What's the big idea?
They say there is no such thing as a bad idea. Well whoever 'they' are they clearly haven't been reading the Ideas and Suggestions forum

Rickmag wins manager of the week
Two impressive victories in the week give the Essex based manager the shiney star!
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