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League info - Veterans League

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LeagueID: 101937
League admin: SidtheSexist13
League assistants:
League rating:
Ranking: Ranked as number 1
Average age: 44 years
Number of teams: 108
Active teams: 108
VIP-teams: 108
Created: 2007-04-22
Season starts: 2020-09-12
Season ends: 2020-11-26
League type: Private league (Mens)
League system: 1:2
Divisions: 5
Dirty tricks: Not activated
Direct transfers: Activated
Player name changes: Activated
Match days: Tuesdays and Saturdays
Match time: 20:00
Pre-purchased VIP: 6x1 month, 1x3 months
Demography: England: 56%
Scotland: 11%
Australia: 6%
Malta: 5%
Sweden: 4%
Demands: There are none!

Muddy Rollers 50
Muddy Rollers 49
Breaking Bad 48
Muddy Rollers 47
Breaking Bad 46
Muddy Rollers 45
The Mongol Empire 44
Breaking Bad 43
The Mongol Empire 42
Eighties Allstars 41
Muddy Rollers 40
Muddy Rollers 39
Lions F.C 38
Muddy Rollers 37
Lions F.C 36
Lions F.C 35
Lions F.C 34
Anfield of Dreams 33 32
Muddy Rollers 31
Muddy Rollers 30
Muddy Rollers 29
Muddy Rollers 28
Muddy Rollers 27
Shambles 26
Motor Boating Dudes 25
Motor Boating Dudes 19
Novocastrian 16
Novocastrian 15
Chelmsford 123 City FC 14
Novocastrian 13
Motor Boating Dudes 12
Shambles 11
Shambles 10
Shambles 9
Shambles 8
Chelmsford 123 City FC 7
Novocastrian 6
Shambles 5
Novocastrian 1

League description:
Constantly ranked in the Top 3 of all leagues within the game - this VIP only league is not for irregular players, this is for the committed manager who wants to be challenged.

We finally made it to the No.1 ranked Private League on 5 Mar 2018 as the league continues to go from from strength to strength with 108 very active and competitive managers. *No.1 again on 5 Sep 18 (still No.1 at the start of Season 44 on 24 Nov 18).

The Veterans League has been in existence since April 2007, that's 43 completed seasons to date and we're only getting better and stronger. SidtheSexist13 took over as admin during Season 33, taking over from Lotty who very sadly passed away soon after. The seasonal pools competition will forever be named in his honour.

All leagues are only as good as their members and here in the Vets we have some of the most competitive and active ones around. As an example for the last game of season 35 we pushed hard on the xpert pools and put a bumper entry fee on of 300k. 65 - yes 65 - managers entered meaning a record pot of 18.9 million econs which was shared out by 4 managers each getting nearly 5 million. This season sees a 3 month VIP prize for the overall seasons pools winner. Fancy some of that?

Our league uses a VIP only 1:2 system, with Prem, 1a, 1b to 4a, 4b, each with 12 teams per division. There are 3 promotions and relegation's too.

NB: There are 3 promotion places to the Premiership every season. The top 2 from Division 1a and 1b go up and then it is the team with the best record over the season from the teams finishing 2nd in Div 1a and 1b. It is only the Official Leagues that allow play-offs to be scheduled.

We are a pretty relaxed bunch and the banter and activity is very good. The members generally have nothing to prove as they are amongst the most talented in the game and like to challenge other such managers in a very competitive private league.

* VIP ONLY - 2 league and 1 cup game per week
* No Dirty Tricks
* Direct Transfers Allowed
* 100k Pools and frequent 300k bumper weeks!
* Player name changing on
* If a manager does not log in for 7 days, he/she will be sent a reminder. If no reply is received , then three days later the axe will fall. Please inform the admin or an assistant if you're off on your jollies, then your team will be safe. We do not often have to advertise for new managers - they come to us - so if you don't make a reasonable commitment to your team you will be replaced.

To add your name to the waiting list, drop me a pm

The below is admin information for the creation of a new season:

League Settings

League Creation
No of Teams - 108
Max Teams - 12
Min Teams - 12
No of Divisions - 5
1:1 from Division - 1
League System - 1:2
No Relegated - 3
Grouping within level: Only Seeding
League matches/week: 2

Cup Settings

Round 1, 88 teams playoff to leave 44.
Round 2, 108 teams - 88 teams = 20, add 44 = 64
Round 3, 32
Round 4, 16
Round 5, 8
Round 6, 4
Round 7, 2.

Start Date - Thur after 2nd game
Final Date - check it finishes before the end of the season
No of teams 108
No of rounds 7
Cup Draws - Always Random
Cup Type - Two Legs
Neutral venue if one leg
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