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League info - The Football League

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LeagueID: 259956
League admin: Carlos06
League assistants:
League rating:
Ranking: Ranked as number 17
Average age: 43 years
Number of teams: 56
Active teams: 53
VIP-teams: 53
Created: 2011-02-25
Season starts: 2020-07-24
Season ends: 2020-10-21
League type: Private league (Mens)
League system: 1:1
Divisions: 4
Dirty tricks: Not activated
Direct transfers: Activated
Player name changes: Activated
Match days: Mondays and Fridays
Match time: 20:00
Demography: England: 57%
Sweden: 11%
Scotland: 8%
Malta: 6%
Malaysia: 6%
Demands: There are none!

Hartlepool United 30
AFC Wimbledon 29
Hartlepool United 28
Leyton Orient 27
Stevenage 26
Cardiff City 25
Newcastle United 24
Stevenage 23
Stevenage 22
Bolton Wanderers 21
Bolton Wanderers 20
Leyton Orient 19
Oxford United 18
Leyton Orient 17
Oxford United 16
Colchester United 15
Bolton Wanderers 14
Newcastle United 13
Bolton Wanderers 12
Newcastle United 11
Manchester United 10
Newcastle United 9
Newcastle United 7
Northampton Town 6
Northampton Town 5
Northampton Town 4
Northampton Town 3
Ipswich Town 2
Liverpool 1

League description:
The Football League is the most realistic and active league in the fantasy world of Xpert.

We have 56 active managers who love to chat in scribble, broker direct deals, keep each other in the loop about their respective sides in the press and generally banter all day long.

We have a dedicated team of assistants (and a handsome admin) who release weekly PR's, including round by round previews, round ups, transfer updates, cup odds and manager interviews.

VIP managers only. 3 games a week with 2 cup competitions.

Rules: Realism is important to us all here in the Football League, therefore the following rules need to be adhered to:

. Real team names only from the English Conference up too and including the Premier League.
. Player name changes - need to be players who have played for that team at some stage of their career.
. Also no team names that contain "FC" at the end of their name please as they wont be approved.
. Teams that have won the Premier League will have their team names protected and cannot be changed at any time to protect the history of the Football League.

Premier League
S28 Hartlepool United (Matz07)
S27 Leyton Orient (Plaristocrates)
S26 Stevenage (Nestenborg)
S25 Cardiff (O-Cloughie)
S24 Newcastle (BigAl_9)
S23 Stevenage (Nestenborg)
S22 Stevenage (Nestenborg)
S21 Bolton (Yallop2)
S20 Bolton (Yallop2)
S19 Leyton Orient (Plaristocrates)
S18 Oxford United (Markmurray1975)
S17 Leyton Orient (Plaristocrates)
S16 Oxford United (Markmurray1975)
S15 Colchester Utd (Sir Gaz)
S14 Bolton Wanderers (Yallop2)
S13 Newcastle United (BigAl_9)
S12 Bolton Wanderers (Yallop2)
S11 Newcastle United (BigAl_9)
S10 Manchester United (Torz77)
S9 Newcastle United (Cooolfoool)
S8 Everton (Markmurray1975)
S7 Newcastle United (Cooolfoool)
S6 Northampton Town (Ely_Blue)
S5 Northampton Town (Ely_Blue)
S4 Northampton Town (Caractacus)
S3 Northampton Town (Caractacus)
S2 Ipswich Town (AsaJennings)
S1 Liverpool (CGS1985)

FA Cup
S28 Newcastle United (BigAl_9)
S27 Newcastle United (BigAl_9)
S26 Ipswich (Watt-a-Sham)
S25 Aldershot (Bestpay)
S24 Stevenage (Nestenborg)
S23 Bolton Wanderers (Yallop2)
S22 Torquay (Maniaco)
S21 Nottingham Forest (Blackastra2009)
S20 Oxford (Johnh27577)
S19 Oxford (Johnh27577)
S18 Colchester United (Antitrust)
S17 Oxford (Markmurray1975)
S16 Liverpool (Pepg)
S15 Bolton (Yallop2)
S14 Newcastle United (BigAl_9)
S13 Colchester United (SirGazFerguson)
S12 Manchester United (Cooolfoool)
S11 Newcastle United (BigAl_9)
S10 Brighton And Hove (Pepg)
S9 Everton (Markmurray1975)
S8 Northampton Town (Ely_Blue)
S7 Bolton Wanderers (Yallop2)
S6 Milton Keynes Dons (Cooolfoool)
S5 Aldershot Town (AsaJennings)
S4 Northampton Town (Caractacus)
S3 Newcastle United (Hartmatt)
S2 Not played
S1 Not played

Football League Cup
S28 Bolton Wanderers (Yallop2)
S27 Leyton Orient (Plaristocrates)
S26 Liverpool (Pepg)
S25 Stevenage (Nestenborg)
S24 Newcastle (BigAl_9)
S23 Leyton Orient (Plaristocrates)
S22 Colchester (Antitrust)
S21 Bolton Wanderers (Yallop2)
S20 Liverpool (Pepg)
S19 Bolton Wanderers (Yallop2)
S18 Oxford United (Markmurray1975)
S17 Oxford United (Markmurray1975)
S16 Liverpool (Pepg)
S15 AFC Wimbledon (Bouncebackability)
S14 Bolton Wanderers (Yallop2)
S13 Liverpool (CGS1985)
S12 Manchester United (Cooolfoool)
S11 Liverpool (CGS1985)
S10 Everton (Markmurray1975)
S9 Bolton Wanderers (Yallop2)
S8 Bolton Wanderers (Yallop2)
S7 Everton (Markmurray1975)
S6 Bolton Wanderers (Yallop2)
S5 AFC Wimbledon (LastManStanding)
S4 Newcastle United (Hartmatt)
S3 Swindon Town (Stumiz)
S2 Not played
S1 Not played
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