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League info - Major League X11

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LeagueID: 361711
League admin: VelvetAndroid
League assistants:
League rating:
Ranking: Ranked as number 13
Average age: 44 years
Number of teams: 64
Active teams: 64
VIP-teams: 64
Created: 2015-02-11
Season starts: 2023-01-04
Season ends: 2023-03-06
League type: Private league (Mens)
League system: 1:4
Divisions: 2
Dirty tricks: Not activated
Direct transfers: Activated
Player name changes: Activated
Match days: Wednesdays and Sundays
Match time: 20:00
Demography: England: 55%
Sweden: 8%
Ireland: 6%
Scotland: 5%
Turkey: 5%
Demands: There are none!

Valyrian Vipers 39
Bucovina Blue Bison 38
Valyrian Vipers 37
Zalec Zmaj 36
Parramatta Panthers 35
Kakanui KuneKune 34
Titans Ten 33
Kakanui KuneKune 32
Toco Toucans 31
Zeugma Zürafalar 30
Zalec Zmaj 29
Zeugma Zürafalar 28
Avengers Assemble 27
United Underground 26
United Underground 25
Titans Ten 24
Tuvalu Turtles 23
Valyrian Vipers 22
Valyrian Vipers 21
Black Label 20
Gotham City F.C. 19
Gotham City F.C. 18
United Underground 17
Zalec Zmaj 16
Velours Vandals Vatican 15
Philadelphia Fury 14
Private Pumpkins 13
Caribbean Combo 12
Gotham City F.C. 11
Pulau Pinang 10
Iko Ka Kansai 9
Kakanui KuneKune 8
Toco Toucans 7
United Underground 6
United Underground 5
Zalec Zmaj 4
Iko Ka Kansai 3
Rabat Rebels 2
Toco Toucans 1

League description:
/X11's top CL-format league! US-style postseason playoffs for the title, plus a VIP Cup for extra glory.
Forget the Super Bowl. Move over World Series. Take a hike Stanley Cup. Get lost NBA finals. The most thrilling Championship playoffs are right here in MAJOR LEAGUE X11.

Battle through the regular season and postseason for the MLX Shield, Cup and Championship.

MLX is open to all VIP managers, but the more addicted the better! We've got a terrifically loyal bunch right now and we're frequently ranked as one of Xpert Eleven's top leagues of any sort.
Some mightily competitive sides means managerial acumen and commitment is rewarded -- but knockout action in both cup and playoffs means thrills and spills are guaranteed too. 20 different MLX Champions and 19 different MLX Cup-winning clubs have been crowned in our 38 seasons to date.

Team names:

We like teams to have alliterative names, please: these have been a distinctive feature of MLX from the start! Like Aachen Aardvarks, Bijpur Blasters, Csiki Chappies or Demolition Dogs. These can include American-style nicknames, like the examples above -- or a place or other phrase with two or more words with the same initial letter: Mean Machine, Panic Prevention, Pulau Pinang, United Underground, Zalec Zmaj etc. Triple-alliterations (or more) like Kakanui KuneKune, Radomiak Radom Randoms, Bish Bosh Bash, Catania Calcio Club and Tony The Tigers Town are particularly impressive...

We also highly value originality and exoticism in team and player names. We have had fictional clubs 'based' in Brazil, Morocco, Slovenia, Japan, France, Australia, Ireland, Canada, Poland, New Zealand, England, Malaysia, Germany, Kenya, Romania, Lebanon, Italy, Israel, India, Serbia, North Korea, Malta, the USA, Northern Ireland, the Caribbean, the Pacific islands, the Vatican City..... Gotham City, the Marvel Universe, the Disney empire, Hogwarts, Westeros, Galllfrey, Saturn, the historic Commagene Kingdom, the prehistoric supercontinent Pangaea, the London Underground and on the Moon. The world (and beyond) is your oyster :)

How it works:

Teams play the regular season in two tiers of groups -- four upper-tier (MLX) groups and four lower-tier (GLX) groups of 8 teams each, with promotion and relegation.

The single team finishing with the best regular-season record across all four upper-tier groups is awarded the MLX Shield, which will be noted on the Roll of Honour on this page. The same goes for the GLX Shield, for the four lower groups.

16 teams, the top 4 finishers from each of the four MLX groups, contest the postseason MLX Championship playoffs. The winner of the Grand Final is the champion.

As this is a VIP league, there is also the MLX Cup played on Fridays during the regular season. This trophy is equally prestigious and is now named in honour of our founding admin Kevchenko.

At the same time as the Championship playoffs are taking place, the other teams have the option of staying occupied by competing in a parallel postseason tournament -- the MLX Challenge Bowl. This is a knockout series of friendly matches, arranged according to a schedule drawn by the admin.

Please note:

The postseason playoffs last for 2 weeks (4 rounds) between the end of the regular season and the season update. Note that this means an extended off-season for the clubs not participating in the playoffs. The Challenge Bowl is run during these two weeks though to give 16 lucky applicants the chance for some 'friendly competition' meanwhile.

Since both the playoffs and Bowl are knockout tournaments, almost all teams will have a good bit of time where they are not active in a competition, but can play regular friendlies. To keep the wait between 'proper' competitive games down to a reasonable length of time, but to allow the sides who go deep into the playoffs at least a bit of a break, we aim to leave about 10 days between the Grand Final and the kickoff date for the following season.

Basic principles and rules:

* Managers are expected to participate in all games scheduled for the regular season and the postseason tournaments.
* In order to keep an active, competitive league, if you don't log in for 2 weeks (holidays excepted -- please let the admin team know!) you'd be living on borrowed time... you could be out and your much prized place in Major League X11 will be up for grabs.

* General rules of netiquette, decency and good manners apply.
* Discrimination and prejudice, including but not limited to, sexism, homophobia, ableism, transphobia, classism and racism, will not be tolerated.

Fair play:
* Press releases are to be original material. To be fair to everyone, we ask that PRs are in your own words and are about your team's actual results, transfers, plans, hopes, injuries, etc. No text just copy-pasted from system events or elsewhere in Xpert Eleven, or automatically generated, or other random nonsense, thank-you. We're not asking for Shakespeare here, it only needs two or three original sentences a week!
* No established team in Major League X11 will ever receive a 'boost'. All your skill increases must be earned on the pitch and in training.
* Suspicious transfer activity will be investigated.

League Admins
© MLX 2015-2022

(Numbers in [square brackets] denote how many times a team has won that trophy or award)
MLX Champions
Season 38: Bucovina Blue Bison (C.ILIE1983) [1]
Valyrian Vipers 1-1 Bucovina Blue Bison (AET) 9-10 pens

Season 37: Valyrian Vipers (Roberto11x) [3]
United Underground 2-3 Valyrian Vipers (AET)

Season 36: Zalec Zmaj (Etienne) [4]
Valyrian Vipers 1-2 Zalec Zmaj

Season 35: Parramatta Panthers (Tommy_wafc) [1]
Parramatta Panthers 0-0 Beograd Baptists (AET) 5-3 pens

Season 34: Kakanui KuneKune (SitsWithRemote) [3]
Parramatta Panthers 0-1 Kakanui KuneKune

Season 33: Titans Ten (SocC) [2]
Titans Ten 2-0 Zalec Zmaj

Season 32: Kakanui KuneKune (SitsWithRemote) [2]
Kakanui KuneKune 1-1 Radomiak Radom Randoms (AET) 5-3 pens

Season 31: Toco Toucans (Bigd8522) [3]
Quisquiliae XI 0-1 Toco Toucans (AET)

Season 30: Zeugma Zürafalar (AntepliEjderha) [2]
Zeugma Zürafalar 2-1 Toco Toucans

Season 29: Zalec Zmaj (Etienne) [3]
Zalec Zmaj 1-0 United Underground

Season 28: Zeugma Zürafalar (AntepliEjderha) [1]
Zeugma Zürafalar 2-1 United Underground

Season 27: Avengers Assemble (TheAPERSON) [1]
Avengers Assemble 1-1 Quisquiliae XI (AET) 5-4 pens

Season 26: United Underground (VelvetAndroid) [5]
Zeugma Zürafalar 0-0 United Underground (AET) 3-4 pens

Season 25: United Underground (VelvetAndroid) [4]
Pinocchios Players 1-2 United Underground

Season 24: Titans Ten (SocC) [1]
Gotham City F.C. 2-3 Titans Ten (AET)

Season 23: Tuvalu Turtles (Granthamian) [1]
Tuvalu Turtles 1-1 Radomiak Radom Randoms (AET) 3-1 pens

Season 22: Valyrian Vipers (Roberto11x) [2]
Valyrian Vipers 2-0 Gotham City F.C.

Season 21: Valyrian Vipers (Roberto11x) [1]
Valyrian Vipers 1-0 Lemmings XI

Season 20: Black Label (Rock_on27) [1]
Black Label 1-1 Tuvalu Turtles (AET) 5-4 pens

Season 19: Gotham City F.C. (Rmy100) [3]
Valyrian Vipers 0-1 Gotham City F.C. (AET)

Season 18: Gotham City F.C. (Rmy100) [2]
Lego Lizards 1-4 Gotham City F.C.

Season 17: United Underground (VelvetAndroid) [3]
United Underground 0-0 Velours Vandals Vatican (AET) 5-4 pens

Season 16: Zalec Zmaj (Etienne) [2]
Philadelphia Fury 1-2 Zalec Zmaj

Season 15: Velours Vandals Vatican (RebelRebel) [1]
Radomiak Radom Randoms 2-3 Velours Vandals Vatican

Season 14: Philadelphia Fury (Gary_C) [1]
Radomiak Radom Randoms 2-3 Philadelphia Fury

Season 13: Private Pumpkins (Mitch7) [1]
Romsey Rovers 1-2 Private Pumpkins

Season 12: Caribbean Combo (Airkas1) [1]
Caribbean Combo 2-1 Pulau Pinang

Season 11: Gotham City F.C. (Rmy100) [1]
Gotham City F.C. 1-0 Zalec Zmaj

Season 10: Pulau Pinang (SeanoftheShed) [1]
Pulau Pinang 1-0 Pleepleus Pretzels (AET)

Season 9: Iko Ka Kansai (Smallcaps) [2]
Iko Ka Kansai 0-0 MTB Wolves (AET) 4-2 pens

Season 8: Kakanui KuneKune (SitsWithRemote) [1]
Pulau Pinang 0-1 Kakanui KuneKune

Season 7: Toco Toucans (Kevchenko13) [2]
Corsaires Malouins 1-1 Toco Toucans (AET) 0-2 pens

Season 6: United Underground (VelvetAndroid) [2]
Gotham City F.C. 2-2 United Underground (AET) 1-4 pens

Season 5: United Underground (VelvetAndroid) [1]
Blank Space 0-1 United Underground

Season 4: Zalec Zmaj (Etienne) [1]
United Underground 0-0 Zalec Zmaj (AET) 3-4 pens

Season 3: Iko Ka Kansai (Smallcaps) [1]
Iko Ka Kansai 0-0 Kakanui KuneKune (AET) 5-4 pens

Season 2: Rabat Rebels (RebelRebel) [1]
United Underground 1-1 Rabat Rebels (AET) 4-5 pens

Season 1: Toco Toucans (Kevchenko13) [1]
Toco Toucans 1-0 United Underground (AET)

MLX Kevchenko Cup winners
Season 38: Valyrian Vipers (Roberto11x) [3]
Titans Ten 0-0 Valyrian Vipers (AET) 0-3 pens

Season 37: Zeugma Zürafalar (AntepliEjderha) [1]
Beograd Baptists 0-0 Zeugma Zürafalar (AET) 4-5 pens

Season 36: Parramatta Panthers (Tommy_wafc) [2]
Bucovina Blue Bison 0-1 Parramatta Panthers

Season 35: Parramatta Panthers (Tommy_wafc) [1]
Parramatta Panthers 2-0 Titans Ten

Season 34: Toco Toucans (Bigd8522) [2]
Toco Toucans 1-1 Maritime Muscle (AET) 2-0 pens

Season 33: Quisquiliae XI (Jdsx) [1]
Quisquiliae XI 1-0 Kakanui KuneKune

Season 32: Zalec Zmaj (Etienne) [3]
Toco Toucans 0-2 Zalec Zmaj

Season 31: Tuvalu Turtles (Granthamian) [4]
Tuvalu Turtles 2-2 Radomiak Radom Randoms (AET) 7-6 pens

Season 30: Zalec Zmaj (Etienne) [2]
Zalec Zmaj 2-1 Gotham City F.C.

Season 29: Tuvalu Turtles (Granthamian) [3]
Tuvalu Turtles 1-1 Radomiak Radom Randoms (AET) 5-4 pens

Season 28: Gotham City F.C. (Rmy100) [2]
Gotham City F.C. 3-0 Matelots Malouins

Season 27: Tuvalu Turtles (Granthamian) [2]
United Underground 0-1 Tuvalu Turtles

Season 26: Radomiak Radom Randoms (RichardSP) [2]
MTB Wolves 1-2 Radomiak Radom Randoms

Season 25: Pulau Pinang (Seanoftheshed) [1]
Pulau Pinang 1-0 United Underground

Season 24: Gotham City F.C. (Rmy100) [1]
Zeugma Zürafalar 1-3 Gotham City

Season 23: Valyrian Vipers (Roberto11x) [2]
Valyrian Vipers 2-1 Tuvalu Turtles

Season 22: United Underground (VelvetAndroid) [7]
United Underground 1-1 Valyrian Vipers (AET) 4-2 pens

Season 21: United Underground (VelvetAndroid) [6]
Matelots Malouins 1-2 United Underground

Season 20: Tuvalu Turtles (Granthamian) [1]
Tuvalu Turtles 2-1 Valyrian Vipers

Season 19: Valyrian Vipers (Roberto11x) [1]
Valyrian Vipers 2-1 Lego Lizards

Season 18: Swiss Cheese Reds (R7vilela) [1]
Swiss Cheese Reds 2-0 Parramatta Panthers (AET)

Season 17: Bish Bosh Bash (Stevebarfoot) [1]
Gotham City F.C. 1-1 Bish Bosh Bash (AET) 2-4 pens

Season 16: Lego Lizards (Ogden) [1]
Velours Vandals Vatican 1-3 Lego Lizards

Season 15: United Underground (VelvetAndroid) [5]
Gotham City F.C. 0-0 United Underground (AET) 1-3 pens

Season 14: Zalec Zmaj (Etienne) [1]
Zalec Zmaj 1-0 Tuvalu Turtles

Season 13: United Underground (VelvetAndroid) [4]
United Underground 1-1 Velours Vandals Vatican (AET) 4-2 pens

Season 12: United Underground (VelvetAndroid) [3]
United Underground 1-1 Iko Ka Kansai (AET) 4-2 pens

Season 11: Velours Vandals Vatican (Mr_Fawlty) [2]
Pulau Pinang 0-1 Velours Vandals Vatican

Season 10: Velours Vandals Vatican (Mr_Fawlty) [1]
Velours Vandals Vatican 1-0 Csiki Chappies

Season 9: MTB Wolves (TheArcticBadger52) [1]
MTB Wolves 2-1 Corsaires Malouins

Season 8: Radomiak Radom Randoms (RichardSP) [1]
Radomiak Radom Randoms 4-2 Romsey Rovers

Season 7: Pleepleus Pretzels (Onceonahill) [1]
Pleepleus Pretzels 2-1 Alemannia Altstadt-Süd (AET)

Season 6: United Underground (VelvetAndroid) [2]
Pulau Pinang 1-1 United Underground (AET) 0-3 pens

Season 5: Iko Ka Kansai (Smallcaps) [1]
Gotham City F.C. 0-1 Iko Ka Kansai (AET)

Season 4: Toco Toucans (Kevchenko13) [1]
Potty Potters 0-2 Toco Toucans

Season 3: United Underground (VelvetAndroid) [1]
Radomiak Radom Randoms 1-3 United Underground

Season 2: Kakanui KuneKune (SitsWithRemote) [1]
Marins Malouins 0-2 Kakanui KuneKune

Season 1: Alemannia Altstadt-Süd (SouthdownRebel) [1]
Toco Toucans 0-0 Alemannia Altstadt-Süd (AET) 3-4 pens

Manager of the Season (Most MLX-tier Manager of the Round awards during regular season)
Season 38: VelvetAndroid (United Underground) [8]
Season 37: Jdsx (Quisquiliae XI) [2]
Season 36: Roberto11x (Valyrian Vipers) [2]
Season 35: Jdsx (Quisquiliae XI) [1]
Season 34: TheAPERSON (Avengers Assemble) [4]
Season 33: Granthamian (Tuvalu Turtles) [4]
Season 32: SocC (Titans Ten) [2]
Season 31: RichardSP (Radomiak Radom Randoms) [3]
Season 30: Granthamian (Tuvalu Turtles) [3]
Season 29: Hertz_Van_Rental (Demolition Dogs) [1]
Season 28: IsThatcherDeadYet (Teulu Goleudy) [1]
Season 27: SocC (Titans Ten) [1]
Season 26: RichardSP (Radomiak Radom Randoms) [2]
Season 25: Granthamian (Tuvalu Turtles) [2]
Season 24: RichardSP (Radomiak Radom Randoms) [1]
Season 23: VelvetAndroid (United Underground) [7]
Season 22: Roberto11x (Valyrian Vipers) [1]
Season 21: Seanoftheshed (Pulau Pinang) [2]
Season 20: Seanoftheshed (Pulau Pinang) [1]
Season 19: Ogden (Lego Lizards) [2]
Season 18: VelvetAndroid (United Underground) [6]
Season 17: Ogden (Lego Lizards) [1]
Season 16: VelvetAndroid (United Underground) [5]
Season 15: Granthamian (Tuvalu Turtles) [1]
Season 14: R7vilela (Swiss Cheese Reds) [1]
Season 13: TheAPERSON (Quidditch Quaffles) [3]
Season 12: VelvetAndroid (United Underground) [4]
Season 11: TheAPERSON (Quidditch Quaffles) [2]
Season 10: VelvetAndroid (United Underground) [3]
Season 9: TheAPERSON (Quidditch Quaffles) [1]
Season 8: SouthdownRebel (Alemannia Altstadt-Süd) [1]
Season 7: Smallcaps (Iko Ka Kansai) [1]
Season 6: VelvetAndroid (United Underground) [2]
Season 5: VelvetAndroid (United Underground) [1]
Season 4: The_spoon (Legions of Rome) [1]
Season 3: Kevchenko13 (Toco Toucans) [2]
Season 2: MortalJoe (Crumlin Champions) [1]
Season 1: Kevchenko13 (Toco Toucans) [1]

MLX Shield winners (Best regular-season record across all 4 upper divisions)
Season 38: Bucovina Blue Bison (C.ILIE1983) [1] | MLX B: P14 W11 D2 L1 F28 A2 Pts35
Season 37: Private Pumpkins (Mitch7) [1] | MLX C: P14 W11 D1 L1 F28 A8 Pts34
Season 36: Zalec Zmaj (Etienne) [1] | MLX A: P14 W13 D1 L0 F26 A4 Pts40
Season 35: Radomiak Radom Randoms (RichardSP) [9] | MLX D: P14 W11 D2 L1 F33 A10 Pts35
Season 34: Matelots Malouins (HotOrange) [1] | MLX C: P14 W12 D2 L0 F29 A10 Pts38
Season 33: Radomiak Radom Randoms (RichardSP) [8] | MLX B: P14 W13 D1 L0 F36 A12 Pts40
Season 32: Gotham City (Rmy100) [3] | MLX A: P14 W12 D1 L1 F42 A6 Pts37
Season 31: Gotham City (Rmy100) [2] | MLX C: P14 W13 D1 L0 F37 A3 Pts40
Season 30: Tuvalu Turtles (Granthamian) [2] | MLX B: P14 W13 D1 L0 F41 A4 Pts40
Season 29: Gotham City (Rmy100) [1] | MLX B: P14 W11 D3 L0 F37 A5 Pts36
Season 28: Radomiak Radom Randoms (RichardSP) [7] | MLX A: P14 W13 D1 L0 F39 A3 Pts40
Season 27: United Underground (VelvetAndroid) [7] | MLX A: P14 W12 D1 L1 F40 A8 Pts37
Season 26: United Underground (VelvetAndroid) [6] | MLX B: P14 W13 D0 L1 F40 A6 Pts39
Season 25: Titans Ten (SocC) [1] | MLX D: P14 W11 D2 L1 F30 A3 Pts35
Season 24: Radomiak Radom Randoms (RichardSP) [6] | MLX A: P14 W11 D1 L2 F32 A16 Pts34
Season 23: Radomiak Radom Randoms (RichardSP) [5] | MLX A: P14 W11 D1 L2 F28 A10 Pts34
Season 22: Lemmings XI (Ros_McKay) [1] | MLX D: P14 W12 D2 L0 F32 A5 Pts38
Season 21: Avengers Assemble (TheAPERSON) [1] | MLX D: P14 W11 D3 L0 F24 A4 Pts36
Season 20: Parramatta Panthers (Tommy_wafc) [1] | MLX C: P12 W9 D2 L1 F26 A5 Pts29
Season 19: Tuvalu Turtles (Granthamian) [1] | MLX A: P12 W11 D0 L1 F26 A5 Pts33
Season 18: United Underground (VelvetAndroid) [5] | MLX B: P12 W9 D3 L0 F25 A9 Pts30
Season 17: Quidditch Quaffles (TheAPERSON) [2] | MLX A: P14 W11 D2 L1 F29 A8 Pts35
Season 16: Quidditch Quaffles (TheAPERSON) [1] | MLX D: P14 W13 D1 L0 F36 A3 Pts40
Season 15: Velours Vandals Vatican (RebelRebel) [2] | MLX A: P14 W13 D1 L0 F30 A4 Pts40
Season 14: Velours Vandals Vatican (RebelRebel) [1] | MLX A: P14 W12 D1 L1 F24 A3 Pts37
Season 13: United Underground (VelvetAndroid) [4] | MLX C: P14 W10 D3 L1 F27 A5 Pts33
Season 12: Radomiak Radom Randoms (RichardSP) [4] | MLX A: P14 W13 D1 L0 F41 A5 Pts40
Season 11: Radomiak Radom Randoms (RichardSP) [3] | MLX D: P14 W11 D2 L1 F30 A10 Pts35
Season 10: MTB Wolves (TheArcticBadger52) [1] | MLX A: P14 W11 D3 L0 F31 A7 Pts36
Season 9: Radomiak Radom Randoms (RichardSP) [2] | MLX B: P14 W11 D1 L2 F35 A16 Pts34
Season 8: Alemannia Altstadt-Süd (SouthdownRebel) [2] | MLX A: P14 W12 D2 L0 F26 A4 Pts38
Season 7: Alemannia Altstadt-Süd (SouthdownRebel) [1] | MLX C: P14 W10 D4 L0 F29 A9 Pts34
Season 6: Radomiak Radom Randoms (RichardSP) [1] | MLX D: P14 W9 D5 L0 F24 A5 Pts32
Season 5: United Underground (VelvetAndroid) [3] | MLX C: P14 W11 D2 L1 F31 A5 Pts35
Season 4: Kakanui KuneKune (SitsWithRemote) [1] | MLX D: P14 W10 D3 L1 F27 A6 Pts33
Season 3: United Underground (VelvetAndroid) [2] | MLX B: P14 W13 D0 L1 F38 A5 Pts39
Season 2: Toco Toucans (Kevchenko13) [1] | MLX C: P18 W16 D2 L0 F46 A3 Pts50
Season 1: United Underground (VelvetAndroid) [1] | MLX B: P18 W15 D1 L2 F46 A16 Pts46

GLX Shield winners (Best regular-season record across all 4 lower divisions)
Season 38: Avengers Assemble (TheAPERSON) [2] | GLX A: P14 W12 D2 L0 F42 A2 Pts36
Season 37: Matelots Malouins (HotOrange) [2] | GLX A: P14 W13 D0 L1 F38 A8 Pts40
Season 36: Avengers Assemble (TheAPERSON) [1] | GLX A: P14 W12 D1 L1 F39 A6 Pts37
Season 35: Valiant Volovants (Thirdway) [4] | GLX A: P14 W11 D2 L1 F26 A4 Pts35
Season 34: Valyrian Vipers (Roberto11x) [2] | GLX D: P14 W12 D1 L1 F22 A4 Pts37
Season 33: Valiant Volovants (Thirdway) [3] | GLX D: P14 W10 D4 L0 F31 A11 Pts34
Season 32: Zeugma Zürafalar (AntepliEjderha) [1] | GLX B: P14 W12 D2 L0 F28 A4 Pts38
Season 31: Parramatta Panthers (Tommy_wafc) [1] | GLX D: P14 W13 D1 L0 F28 A2 Pts40
Season 30: The Team Team (J3NS14) [1] | GLX B: P14 W12 D0 L2 F32 A7 Pts36
Season 29: Catania Calcio Club (Gla_Amato) [1] | GLX B: P14 W10 D4 L0 F27 A6 Pts34
Season 28: Hungry Hawks (RebelRebel) [1] | GLX B: P14 W11 D3 L0 F30 A3 Pts36
Season 27: Potty Potters (Chewymoose-) [1] | GLX C: P14 W14 D0 L0 F46 A6 Pts42
Season 26: Valiant Volovants (Thirdway) [2] | GLX B: P14 W14 D0 L0 F49 A4 Pts42
Season 25: Nevada Neanderthals (Darkblackmoon) [1] | GLX A: P12 W11 D0 L1 F30 A1 Pts33 PPG 2.75*
Season 24: Quisquiliae XI (Jdsx) [2] | GLX A: P12 W11 D0 L1 F45 A12 Pts33 PPG 2.75*
(*Points-Per-Game averages, used to rank winners from differently-sized groups in both S24 & S25)
Season 23: Fistral Furies (Scozza21) [1] | GLX B: P12 W12 D0 L0 F34 A3 Pts36
Season 22: Private Pumpkins (Mitch7) [1] | GLX D: P12 W9 D3 L0 F33 A6 Pts30
Season 21: Leeds Leeds Leeds (RobLyons) [1] | GLX A: P12 W10 D0 L2 F26 A9 Pts30
Season 20: Mobile Mafia (Sparehead3) [1] | GLX C: P12 W10 D2 L0 F22 A4 Pts32
Season 19: Lemmings XI (Ros_McKay) [2] | GLX A: P12 W9 D3 L0 F31 A5 Pts30
Season 18: Kakanui KuneKune (SitsWithRemote) [1] | GLX D: P12 W10 D2 L0 F37 A5 Pts32
Season 17: Valiant Volovants (Thirdway) [1] | GLX B: P14 W12 D1 L1 F36 A7 Pts37
Season 16: Quisquiliae XI (Jdsx) [1] | GLX A: P14 W11 D2 L1 F32 A9 Pts35
Season 15: Corsaires Malouins (HotOrange) [1] | GLX A: P14 W11 D3 L0 F38 A8 Pts36
Season 14: Maslak Oto Sanayi (Baranesma) [1] | GLX C: P14 W12 D1 L1 F24 A4 Pts37
Season 13: Bish Bosh Bash (Stevebarfoot) [1] | GLX A: P14 W12 D0 L2 F44 A12 Pts36
Season 12: Black Label (Rock_on27) [1] | GLX B: P14 W12 D2 L0 F32 A7 Pts38
Season 11: Lego Lizards (Taimoor08) [1] | GLX A: P14 W12 D2 L0 F33 A6 Pts38
Season 10: Velours Vandals Vatican (Mr_Fawlty) [1] | GLX C: P14 W13 D1 L0 F38 A4 Pts40
Season 9: Melikhtar Muvit-Muvit (Yasican) [1] | GLX B: P14 W12 D1 L1 F37 A7 Pts37
Season 8: Csiki Chappies (Adhoc) [1] | GLX A: P14 W12 D2 L0 F35 A8 Pts38
Season 7: Rabat Rebels (RebelRebel) [1] | GLX A: P14 W10 D4 L0 F29 A5 Pts34
Season 6: Glory Hunters (RikFlair) [1] | GLX B: P14 W12 D2 L0 F36 A4 Pts38
Season 5: Aachen Aardvarks (Dglh) [1] | GLX C: P14 W11 D2 L1 F27 A6 Pts35
Season 4: Lemmings XI (Ros_McKay) [1] | GLX D: P14 W13 D0 L1 F43 A8 Pts39
Season 3: Valyrian Vipers (Roberto11x) [1] | GLX C: P14 W12 D2 L0 F39 A1 Pts38

(An asterisk * below denotes a draw in the final, meaning the away team were declared champions)
MLX Challenge Bowl winners (Postseason friendly tournament for non-playoffs participants)
Season 38: Valiant Volovants (Thirdway) [1]
Valiant Volovants 2-1 Lounge Lizards

Season 37: Matelots Malouins (HotOrange) [2]
Matelots Malouins 3-1 Valiant Volovants

Season 36: Potty Potters (Chewymoose-) [2]
Potty Potters 1-0 Wisconsin Wizards

Season 35: Caribbean Combo (RebelRebel) [1]
Toco Toucans 0-0* Caribbean Combo

Season 34: Leinster Legends (GafferLegend) [1]
Private Pumpkins 2-2* Leinster Legends

Season 33: Lion Legends (Cpjmcquillan) [1]
Lion Legends 2-0 Potty Potters

Season 32: Maritime Muscle (Nigrinio) [1]
Teulu Goleudy 0-0* Maritime Muscle

Season 31: Beograd Baptists (Rocky9999) [1]
Wibbly Wobbly Westeros 0-0* Beograd Baptists

Season 30: Private Pumpkins (Mitch7) [3]
Burnells Ironworks 0-2 Private Pumpkins

Season 29: Matelots Malouins (HotOrange) [1]
Hungry Hawks 1-3 Matelots Malouins

Season 28: Burnells Ironworks (Viktor_Boskovic) [1]
Wibbly Wobbly Westeros 1-2 Burnells Ironworks

Season 27: Malta Knights (Hibs32) [1]
Malta Knights 2-1 J. Jonah Jameson

Season 26: Private Pumpkins (Mitch7) [2]
Demolition Dogs 0-2 Private Pumpkins

Season 25: Private Pumpkins (Mitch7) [1]
Private Pumpkins 3-0 Matelots Malouins

Season 24: Kakanui KuneKune (SitsWithRemote) [2]
Kakanui KuneKune 4-1 Matelots Malouins

Season 23: Bish Bosh Bash (Stevebarfoot) [1]
Csiki Chappies 1-3 Bish Bosh Bash

Season 22: Zeugma Zürafalar (AntepliEjderha) [1]
Zeugma Zürafalar 3-1 Csiki Chappies

Season 21: Zalec Zmaj (Etienne) [1]
Zalec Zmaj 2-0 Private Pumpkins

Season 20: Kakanui KuneKune (SitsWithRemote) [1]
Matelots Malouins 2-2* Kakanui KuneKune

Season 19: Lemmings XI (Ros_McKay) [1]
Lemmings XI 2-0 Fistral Furies

Season 18: Potty Potters (Chewymoose-) [1]
Zeugma Zürafalar 1-1* Potty Potters

MLX Trophy winners (Former postseason tournament for upper-mid ranking teams)
Season 17: Lemmings XI (Ros_McKay) [2]
Zeugma Zürafalar 2-3 Lemmings XI

Season 16: Potty Potters (Chewymoose-) [1]
Potty Potters 2-0 Csiki Chappies

Season 15: Alemannia Altstadt-Süd (SouthdownRebel) [1]
Zeugma Zürafalar 1-1* Alemannia Altstadt-Süd

Season 14: Cornish Crew (Scultura) [1]
Bish Bosh Bash 0-0 Cornish Crew

Season 13: Caribbean Combo (Airkas1) [1]
Swiss Cheese Reds 0-1 Caribbean Combo

Season 12: Blank Space (Spoonaldo) [1]
Blank Space 1-0 Crumlin Chasers

Season 11: Demolition Dogs (Wiblflibl) [1]
Demolition Dogs 3-2 Hompesch Strikers

Season 10: Csiki Chappies (Adhoc) [2]
Csiki Chappies 3-0 Legions of Rome

Season 9: Balotellitubbies FC (Rammy0796) [1]
Balotellitubbies FC 1-0 Silver Donkeys

Season 8: Csiki Chappies (Adhoc) [1]
Romsey Rovers 0-0* Csiki Chappies

Season 7: Glory Hunters (RikFlair) [1]
Failures 3-3* Glory Hunters

Season 6: Romsey Rovers (Errigo81) [2]
Glory Hunters 0-2 Romsey Rovers

Season 5: Billberry Buryborry (nmrfox) [1]
Billberry Buryborry 2-1 Zeugma Zürafalar

Season 4: LemmingsXI (Ros_McKay) [1]
Lemmings XI 2-0 Toco Toucans

Season 3: Pretteh Shetteh Citeh (ToxicScott604) [1]
Pretteh Shetteh Citeh 3-0 Ziggys Zeroes

Season 2: Romsey Rovers (Errigo81) [1]
Lego Lizards 1-1* Romsey Rovers

Season 1: Rabat Rebels (RebelRebel) [1]
Crumlin Champions 1-1* Rabat Rebels

MLX Vase winners (Former postseason tournament for lower-mid ranking teams)
Season 17: Cornish Crew (Scultura) [1]
Quisquiliae XI 0-3 Cornish Crew

Season 16: Bish Bosh Bash (Stevebarfoot) [1]
Fistral Furies 0-3 Bish Bosh Bash

Season 15: Romsey Rovers (Errigo81) [2]
Romsey Rovers 4-0 Parramatta Panthers

Season 14: Unbroken (Thechileanwarrior) [1]
Iko Ka Kansai 2-3 Unbroken

Season 13: Potty Potters (Chewymoose-) [1]
Catania Calcio Club 1-1* Potty Potters

Season 12: Unbroken (Thechileanwarrior) [1]
Unbroken 2-0 Zeugma Zürafalar

Season 11: Corsaires Malouins (HotOrange) [1]
Corsaires Malouins 2-0 Tuvalu Turtles

Season 10: Lemmings XI (Ros_McKay) [1]
Unbroken 0-1 Lemmings XI

Season 9: Dirty Rebels (KEVANO) [1]
Billberry Buryborry 1-1* Dirty Rebels

Season 8: Failures (Failed) [1]
Failures 2-1 Melikhtar Muvit-Muvit

Season 7: Hompesch Strikers (Danilo88) [1]
Hompesch Strikers 2-1 Crumlin Champions

Season 6: Johnstone Jaguars (KonkyWonky) [1]
Johnstone Jaguars 2-0 La Lima Lemurs

Season 5: Romsey Rovers (Errigo81) [1]
Romsey Rovers 2-0 Glory Hunters

Season 4: Billberry Buryborry (Nmrfox) [1]
Gotham City FC 0-1 Billberry Buryborry

Season 3: Barry Frys Starting II (Mcduff27) [1]
Philadelphia Fury 0-0* Barry Frys Starting II

MLX Plate winners (Former postseason tournament for lower ranking teams)
Season 17: Gartside Green (Andrew7610) [2]
Unbroken 0-3 Gartside Green

Season 16: Gartside Green (Andrew7610) [1]
Gartside Green 3-0 MTB Wolves

Season 15: Panic Prevention (Pybus88) [1]
Toco Toucans 0-0* Panic Prevention

Season 14: No winner

Season 13: Gaffney Globular (Foxy265) [1]
Toco Toucans 1-1* Gaffney Globular

Season 12: Pretteh Shetteh Citeh (ToxicScott) [1]
Pretteh Shetteh Citeh won on a walkover (v Toco Toucans)

Season 11: Melikhtar Muvit-Muvit (Yasican) [1]
Melikhtar Muvit-Muvit 3-1 Logan Logic

Season 10: Parramatta Panthers (Tommy_wafc) [1]
Basil's Bastard 0-2 Parramatta Panthers

Season 9: Bangor Monkeys (Cocteau) [1]
Seattle Sonics FC 0-1 Bangor Monkeys

Season 8: Balotellitubbies FC (Rammy0796) [1]
Parramatta Panthers 0-0* Balotellitubbies FC

Season 7: Johnstone Jaguars (KonkyWonky) [1]
Johnstone Jaguars 2-1 La Lima Lemurs

Season 6: Inchoate Indolents (AuntieBeryl) [1]
Unbroken 0-3 Inchoate Indolents

Season 5: Hompesch Strikers (Danilo88) [1]
Hompesch Strikers 2-1 Quidditch Quaffles

Season 4: MTB Wolves (TheArcticBadger52) [1]
Swiss Cheese Reds 0-0* MTB Wolves

Season 3: Zeugma Zürafalar (AntepliEjderha) [1]
Zeugma Zürafalar 4-0 Swiss Cheese Reds

Season 2: DSV1900 (DSV1900EV) [1]
DSV1900 2-1 Daraweesh of Omdurman
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