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League info - Heineken League

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LeagueID: 62556
League admin: Seanoftheshed
League assistants:
League rating:
Ranking: Ranked as number 74
Average age: 42 years
Number of teams: 243
Active teams: 243
VIP-teams: 120
Created: 2006-05-07
Season starts: 2020-05-01
Season ends: 2020-07-15
League type: Private league (Mens)
League system: 1:1
Divisions: 20
Dirty tricks: Not activated
Direct transfers: Activated
Player name changes: Activated
Match days: Mondays and Fridays
Match time: 20:00
Demography: England: 47%
Scotland: 7%
Sweden: 5%
Australia: 3%
Norway: 3%
Demands: There are none!

Sixfields Saints 56
Methley Perseverance 55
Sixfields Saints 54
T.G.I.F 53
Royal Atlantis 52
Northumbria Vikings 51
Sirrel County 50
Sirrel County 49
Strumpet City 48
Athletico Barceloneta 47
Athletico Barceloneta 46
JahJahs Disco Pants 45
Athletico Barceloneta 44
Athletico Barceloneta 43
Athletico Barceloneta 42
JahJahs Disco Pants 41
JahJahs Disco Pants 40
JahJahs Disco Pants 39
JahJahs Disco Pants 38
JahJahs Disco Pants 37
JahJahs Disco Pants 36
JahJahs Disco Pants 35
JahJahs Disco Pants 34
Grim Reapers 33
Robotic Rangers 32
New York Great Whites 31
Castle Rock 30
Castle Rock 29
Robotic Rangers 28
Ledes Unita 27
Castle Rock 27
Ledes Unita 26
Robotic Rangers 26
Robotic Rangers 25
Framley Obstreperous 25
Biozyme Athletic 24
Framley Obstreperous 24
Biozyme Athletic 23
Team Fail 23
Castle Rock 22
Team Fail 22
Castle Rock 21
Team Fail 21
Team Fail 20
Biozyme Athletic 20
Team Fail 19
Rugby FC 19
Team Fail 18
Ventura SC 18
Team Fail 17
Red Cobras 17
Team Fail 16
Red Cobras 16
Team Fail 15
Robotic Rangers 15
Team Fail 14
Belakor FC 13
Team Fail 13
Team Fail 12
Robotic Rangers 11
Team Fail 11
Framley Obstreperous 10
Team Fail 9
Aherla Athletic 9
Robotic Rangers 8
Framley Obstreperous 8
Team Fail 7
Robotic Rangers 7
Aherla Athletic 6
Framley Obstreperous 6
Devils of Sympathy 5
Robotic Rangers 5
Team Fail 5
Robotic Rangers 4
Fallen Angels 4
Team Fail 4
Fallen Angels 3
Team Fail 3
Fallen Angels 2
Team Fail 2
Red Bull Leipzig 2
Los Angeles Beachboys 1
Ahcee puucee 1

League description:
The Heineken League is open to anyone that likes this game of Xpert Eleven, no restrictions. All we ask is that you log in as frequently as possible and join in whenever you can, don't be shy!

In order to keep an active, competitive league, if you don't log in for 2 weeks (holidays excepted!!) you'll be living on borrowed time.... it wouldn't be long before you're out and your much prized place in the Heineken will be up for grabs.

The Heineken is also one of the longest running private leagues in Xpert Eleven and has managers from all over the world competing against each other. It's the biggest and best 1:1 league out there, 20 divisions of 12 teams. Don't worry if you are joining at the bottom, either, as vacancies in the top divisions are advertised to current managers first.

Because The Heineken League is a fully inclusive league, we ask that all managers make sure that the team names, player names and kits of its participants are not of an offensive nature and are not discriminatory towards others.

Anyone is able to join, so if you want to get involved, apply now!

League Admin
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