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League info - Xpert International

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LeagueID: 487
League admin: Wayne
League assistants:
League rating:
Ranking: Ranked as number 721
Average age: 45 years
Number of teams: 1016
Active teams: 558
VIP-teams: 197
Created: 2003-07-14
Season starts: 2021-08-09
Season ends: 2021-11-10
League type: Xpert League (Mens)
League system: 1:2
Divisions: 7
Dirty tricks: Not activated
Direct transfers: Not activated
Player name changes: Not activated
Match days: Mondays and Fridays
Match time: 18:30
Pre-purchased VIP: 5x1 month, 2x3 months
Xpert International (3 months)
Xpert International Cup (3 months)
Demography: Sweden: 36%
England: 14%
Portugal: 12%
Spain: 6%
Norway: 4%
Demands: There are none!

Crimson Star 63
Chicago Fire 62
Zacgold FC 61
Chicago Fire 60
Immaculate Pasta 59
Zacgold FC 58
Unwell FC 57
Gentlemens Practice 56
Murallas de Ceuta F.C. 55
Lerums BK 54
Lerums BK 53
Lerums BK 52
Stardust Evalution FC 51
Stardust Evalution FC 50
Kurdistan 49
MiG 21 LanceR 48
Peachcroft Destroyers 47
Immaculate Pasta 46
Peachcroft Destroyers 45
St. Louis Steamers 44
Immaculate Pasta 43
Immaculate Pasta 42
Zacgold FC 41
Real Madrid C.S.F. 40
Erdyka FC 39
Melodrama FC 38
Ancient Astronauts 37
Hapoel Shalom 36
Ancient Astronauts 35
Chaos Marauders 34
Hutton Orbital 33
Unwell FC 32
Unwell FC 31
Tegnérlunden 30
Unwell FC 29
Unwell FC 28
Unwell FC 27
Smögens IF 26
Smögens IF 25
Smögens IF 24
pyWallKinng 23
BK Hammarslag 22
BK Hammarslag 21
pyWallKinng 20
Mamwinyi Warriors 19
Mamwinyi Warriors 18
GRT 17
Disturbed 16
Mamwinyi Warriors 15
Mamwinyi Warriors 14
Mamwinyi Warriors 13
FML 12
Mamwinyi Warriors 11
Mamwinyi Warriors 10
pyWallKinng 9
Mamwinyi Warriors 8
Mamwinyi Warriors 7
Mamwinyi Warriors 6
Mamwinyi Warriors 5
Milan Van Java 4
F.C. Dalecarlia 3
Mölndal Fotboll 2
Milan Van Java 1

League description:
Xpert International (formerly known as Xpertsvenskan) is part of the official league system, The Xpert Leagues. Both the league champion and the cup champion will be qualified for Xpert Champions League where all the champions in The Xpert Leagues fight for the ultimate title and a place in the Hall of Fame.

Previous Xpert Champions League winners from Xpert International:

RDS - Högsbo United
Xpert Champions League XXVI

SambaSven - Smögens IF
Xpert Champions League XXV

SambaSven - Smögens IF
Xpert Champions League XXIV

Motorroger - BK Hammarslag
Xpert Champions League XIX

Nobego - The Perishers
Xpert Champions League XVIII

Motorroger - BK Hammarslag
Xpert Champions League XVII

Motorroger - BK Hammarslag
Xpert Champions League XVI

$crooge - Yeovil United
Xpert Champions League XV

Nobego - Snow Patrol
Xpert Champions League XIV

Nobego - Bolltrolleri BK
Xpert Champions League IV

Team name changes are only possible between seasons. As this is an official league there are higher standards for the names in this league, thus team names must be properly written and somewhat serious.

If a manager is absent from his team for more than 3 weeks he will automatically be sacked. So if you're going on a long vacation without access to the internet and don't want to lose your team, make sure you send me a message so I can protect your team during that time.

If you want your team inactivated from the league just make sure you are aware of the consequences (2 months suspension from The Xpert Leagues) and then send me a quick message saying you want to leave and that you're in fact aware of the consequences.

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