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Today at 00:07
Matchstick Men
Xpert League
Manager: TonyBrazil

Bella Stadium is erupting on the 88th minute of the match between La Squadra Bella and Matchstick Men. Home and away fans alike are attempting to get onto the pitch and confront ref Constance Paine after her quick succession of disallowing goals from both sides. The ref courts controversy again in the final minutes by allowing a Bella substitution rather than booking the player leaving the field of play.

"Is this a friendly?" Matchstick Men manager Tony Brazil is inflamed by the substitution, "our top division status is at stake Ms Paine!"

The match ends 2-0 to Bella, leaving Matchstick Men a mountain to climb to escape relegation but worse is to come as Ms Paine records an assault on her person by Mr Brazil, who now needs to attend a hearing at the Xpert Arena to explain himself.

"That's painful, or should I say Paine-ful," sneers Brazil when he hears about the accusation, "does she want some points deduction or something? We are are as good as relegated so that's going to hurt not a bit. Paine-less you might say."
Kudos [1]
2020-07-11 Matchstick Men Paine-full 0 1
2020-07-06 Douchebags Grzegorz Paczek for sale!!! 0 0
2020-07-03 Douchebags Grzegorz Paczek for sale!!! 0 0
2020-07-03 Matchstick Men Top Hat saves the day 1 1
2020-07-01 Douchebags Underevaluated for sale!! 0 0
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2020-06-27 Matchstick Men Unbeaten run counts for nothing 0 1
2020-06-17 Matchstick Men Angel dust 1 1
2020-06-16 NK Lokomotiva Zagreb NK Zagreb hoping for 3 points 0 1
2020-06-14 Matchstick Men Rumour mill blazing at Estadio Lucifer 0 1
2020-06-13 Douchebags No more money! 0 1
2020-06-05 Matchstick Men Super sub's superb salute* 0 0

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