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2020-04-30 22:50
The League Admin
Final League
Manager: Carlos06

Final League - Season 59

Hello to you all and welcome to all those who have joined us here in the Final League for the first time and welcome back to those who have rejoined the league. Season 59 has now been created so please take the time to check out your fixtures for the coming season.

I would like to use this time to thank the rest of the Admin team in their support in assisting the day to day running of the Final League and to every manager that is involved in this great Official League.

Congratulations to the Champions of the Final League in Season 58, SpVgg Germania and their manager Stahlhelm for a great achievement. I would also like to congratulate Dynamo Daska and their manager Mikislav who lifted the Final League Cup. Both teams will be representing the Final League in the Xpert Champions League this coming season. Good luck to both teams!

We have a chat feature called the scribble, which can be found under the header of "Discussions". Everyone is welcome to use it and its a great way to get to know other managers in the Final League. You could simply talk about your team, chat with other managers or even ask questions. The only thing that will not be tolerated is being rude or offensive to any other managers.

The first round of the Final League cup has been drawn and the first round games will be played 04/05/20 and the league kicks off on 08/05/20

Lastly, I just want to wish everyone good luck for the coming season and have fun :)

Kind Regards
The Final League Admin Team
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