The team
The team page can be found if you click your teamname when logged in to your team. Here you can see information about your team. Most of this information is fairly obvious and does not need to be described in detail. Some things are worth clarifying though.

This is the team's TeamID. If you for any reason need to contact us at Xpert Eleven about your team, you must state your TeamID.

In most cases, it should say "Active". This means the team is approved by the league boss and that the team owner has full access to the team. If the status is "Sacked" it means the owner of the team has been inactivated by the league boss. The team owner will then not be able to log on to his team and if a new member applies to join the league he/she can take over the team in its current condition. You should never see an inactive status on your own team but if you see it on another team you know now what it means. The reason for giving the league boss the authority to suspend team owners and inactivate teams is that it is never fun having passive teams in your league. In this way, someone else gets a chance of taking over a passive team. Also the league boss should be able to inactivate users whose only aim is to disrupt the league. We at Xpert Eleven have nothing to do with inactivations, this is entirely the league bosses responsibility.

Here you see in what series the team plays and if you click the name of the series you will see the league table for that series.

This is an important piece of information. Here you see how much money you have which you can spend on buying players, ordering dirty tricks etc. Read more about finances in Xpert Eleven here.

This is the average value of the skill of all your available players.

This is the average value of the form of all your available players.

At the top of the team page you can see a thermometer that indicates how hot your team is. The hot-o-meter has a 16-point scale and is based on your team's 5 most recent competitive games (not friendlies). A win gives 3 points, an away draw gives 2 points, a home draw gives 1 point and a loss gives 0 points. The hot-o-meter then displays the points collected from the last 5 competitive games.

Latest news and team merits
Here you can see the latest official news and the 5 most recent press releases about the team. If their is no news nothing is shown. Below the news you will see the latest merits of the team as well as the best merits. If it is the team's first season you will not see anything here.

League log
On the start page of your team you are presented a league log. The league log provides information regarding what has happened in the league lately. You can customize what information you want to be presented if you click "Customize league log" beneath the league log. You can among other things choose to manager changes, press releases, match comments, cup draws, played games or team of the month.

Team log
On the start page of your team you will also see your team log. In this log you can see what has happened lately in your own team. You can for instance see completed traninings and rehabs, injuries, new bids, bought players and sold players.

Home advantage factor
A value which is not visible but nevertheless exists for a team is the so called "home advantage factor". Some teams enjoy playing at home more than others and will therefore perform better at home than away. The bigger the factor, the more the difference will be. If, for example, you often win at home but rarely win away games chances are your team has a fairly large "home advantage factor" and this should be taken into consideration when selecting your team and planning your tactics. All teams, regardless of the "home advantage factor", do however have a small advantage when playing at home.