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Jesus and his Pandas
Ultimate League, Ultimate League
Manager: Philbin2004
''Top of the Ultimate League''
FC Giv Me That this week sit proud and happy at the top of the Ultimate league, all be it only for seven days. The team entertained The Heroes Are Here infront of a nervous crowd in what was a historic day for the Chipshop Boys.

But the home side didnt disappoint under the spot light, they thrived. The home side didnt make the best of starts with the away side taking a deserved lead from a cracking header in the 39th minute. But half time is where it changed, we here never give in and Monday was no different.

The second half was the performance expected from an top flight team. 4 headers from crosses tore the away side apart and left the home supporters with a smile on their faces knowing the fact that thir side sat top of the entire league. Speaking of the match Philbin2004 said this,

''I said at 2ish to a friend how funny it would be if I sat top of the league come 2.30, I didnt expect it at all. Next up is the mighty Sloga but we aint thought of that to be honest. They could put 6 past us and I wouldnt care, well a little.

Who would of thought it, sitting back in college almost three years ago when I was introduced to Xpert Eleven by friends and placing myself on the waiting list to soon take upon myself division 5 side FC Giv Me That.

Then the potential was there, the ball had started to roll if you like. It shows any manager who has the grit, determination and abit of know how can achieve wonders.''

2009-01-28 09:49 724 Views Reporter: TheNakedChef

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