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Janckers within a point of the title
Carsten's Janckers moved to within touching distance of the division 6:31 trophy after a 3-0 win over Aston Villains. 

A typically youthful Janckers side were rocked early on by an injury to defender Darryl Haskell, who will be out for the next match and not fully recovered in time for the final game of the season. As Haskell has struggled to develop this season despite playing 18 games and receiving 6 sessions of form training (dv 13, ave form 12), the injury is a real shame as he is the player most in need of more minutes. In total contrast, another Janckers defender, Henry Blofeld has moved on to a DV of 17 after playing in only 6 games. Obviously Blowers is a bit younger but ...

Despite having no defenders on the bench (all round/midfielder Junquiera came on for Haskell), Janckers went on to win the game fairly comfortably, although it wasn't until the final 10 minutes that the 2nd and 3rd goals came and the game was put to bed.

Sigurjon Gudfinnson (who scores when he wants) was the man who made the difference, caming on for the final 15 minutes and bagging his customary goal to finish things off after the incredibly average and ugly Kit Day scored a diving header. Day hadn't scored in 53 games before this season but has scored 5 in 19 this term. 

Gudfinsson has been typically lethal this season, scoring 15 in 19 appearances in all competitions, but has added 9 assists - a magnificent contribution. 

In terms of development, the club coaches are happy with most players with the exception of the aforementioned Haskell and midfielder Jeremiah Kilshaw, who has also suffered a couple of injuries and struggled for form despite an eye-watering 7 sessions of form training. Despite playing 90 mins in the past three games and being on high form, his DV has remained rooted on 14. This should rise to 15 by the end of the season but won't go any further.

With 6 players on a DV of 17 or more and two games left to top up one or two more players, we're hoping someone might manage a double jump!

2013-09-16 18:07 910 Views Reporter: TheAPERSON

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