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Manager: KElliott
2nd secured!
UU Accies are now guaranteed a top two finish in The Who after today’s 2 – 0 win over The Rangers at Ibrox. Despite Pinkerton_floyd’s mind games and talk of revenge in the build-up, it was the visiting Accies that were in command from the off.

Drew Harsley put the visitors ahead on 10 minutes when he headed in Fabio Roberto’s terrific cross, giving the Accies a half time lead. KElliott knows that 1 – 0 is never enough and his troops kept pressing the game but missed a number of efforts to finish off the home team. Eventually though, Riccardo Lanna sealed the win in the 91st minute, with a well-timed run off the last defender, as he was fed by Roberto to round Addison and slot the ball home. It was no more than his play deserved and put a decent shine on the Accies’ front-man’s performance.

It was an excellent result built on some solid defending and outstanding midfield performances, and puts the Accies on 28 points, 10 clear of third placed Vorsprung DT.

It was certainly a pleasing result for the Accies gaffer: “My lads performed well today, I’m delighted for them and the travelling Oooks. This was always going to be a tough and decisive match for us. At 1 – 0 I was never confident The Rangers wouldn’t level it but big Dragan, again, showed his worth to this team, and we kept them out while Riccardo did the deed at the other end.  The points take the pressure off us now, putting us into an unassailable position. I am so, so glad I am not one of the teams between 7th and 3rd! That’s a tight cluster and nothing is guaranteed for any of them. They all have some hard fixtures ahead in the next 3 weeks to avoid joining OAP. I wish them all the best of luck.

“We have really surprised ourselves this season and I am chuffed to bits that we are already in a position to challenge for promotion to Division 4 at the end. With 3 games to spare we can relax a bit and build up some DV among the team. It’s good to be able to focus exclusively on my own team and not bother, too much, about others, their squads or results.

“But we haven’t won it on our own. We’ve been very fortunate with other results going our way week after week. We’ve won nearly twice as many games as our nearest rival, Spectra, and Golf must be really pissed off at his V DT being the draw kings after, yet another, draw today. This time it was Striker FC that shared the points with them. To be fair though, Striker allowed V DT most of the ball, while they countered superbly, creating the lions share of chances. The home team were never behind in the game but you have to credit Vorsprung for their fighting spirit and levelling three times, including that 88th minute Montenegro freekick.”

Spectra (19 points) have now leap-frogged Vorsprung (18 points) into second spot, getting the win their play deserved after a run of one defeat and three draws. It looked a tough game with both Marcel Groth (OAP) and Faust Peccasisi (Spectra) going off injured and OAP’s Marcel Maghiaru sent off.

“We have a 9 point gap and 11 an goal advantage over Spectra so all we have to do is match their next result to take the title. You’d think it might be in the bag with those numbers but you’d be wrong: three 2 – 0 wins for Spectra and defeats for us wipes that out and hands the title to Getstalteriout.

Out ties aren’t easy. We have still to play V DT and they have already cuffed us this season and we still have to travel to The Alan Poon stadium to Face Bare FC. for the last game. The Judge has had some good results and, if I remember right, is undefeated at home so far this season. Before either of those two we’re on the road to Hog Lane next to play OAP.

"We have the edge in the head-to-heads and everyone can see they have not had a great season. Matt made up his mind weeks ago to focus on DV as he prepares for life in Division 6 and they’ve not won a game all season so everything looks good for us. Really? Here’s a fact: we’ve never won at Hog Lane. Not once in 3 attempts and you can throw the form book out the window for this fixture. Matt wants to beat me and I want to beat him but as long as we can match the Launderette/Spectra result I’ll be happy.”

2013-12-15 01:43 399 Views Reporter: TheAPERSON

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