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Form of Energy
Hattrick League, Hattrick League
Manager: KElliott
We made it then
Round 3 of the Hattrick League Cup beckons for UU Accies after they saw off Division 7:40's Söderstadion FC. Izzet Esentepe got his first goal for his new club and a double from Riccardo Lanna put the home team on easy street while an Edgar Fernandes late, lone strike made the score a match from the first leg, putting the Accies into the next round 6 - 2 on aggregate.

"It was a decent result and not too bad a performance," KElliott said later. "The best thing was no new injuries in the run up to the match with the league leaders, Hadjuk Spliff, on Saturday. We've got enough problems with form so we can do without squad selection issues.

"The Tokes are going well at the moment, taking out the opposition and keeping up a 100% record for the season. We hope to end that run on Saturday. We know it will be very tough, though. They might have lost Ivan Guijarro against Witton last week but they do have Wen Jie Gan to show young Herbert Holt how it's done. 4 goals and 1 assist in 5 matches shows how good a player Gan is and the kind of form he's in just now so we could be in some real trouble.

"But, we're at home so that should help and we'll go out with the aim of taking all 3 points from the team we all have to beat if we are to get something from this season."

2014-02-05 21:24 499 Views Reporter: Celticlegend

Xtreme League title race
Reigning champion Blu3red concedes defeat in title race as Southside Serpents move five points clear

Team of the month? That will do nicely.

A little look ahead
Cloggies have made it back to the top of the Classic League, and are in a quest for league and cup glory.

A former Classic League legend returns to the big time...

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