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Matchstick Men
Xpert League, Xpert League
Manager: TonyBrazil
Ramshackle ruin rejoicing
Matchstick Men's manager Tony Brazil is setting out a trestle table in his manager's area. On it are little figurines of each of his players accompanied by tiny booklets in which he spent hours compiling then handwriting their season's stats.
Brazil is setting out his stall as it is the 85th minute and Matchstick Men are winning 1-0 against Ramshackle Glory; a result that sees them win the division title with a game to spare. Ramshackle have contained themselves, seemingly happy to just see out the season, then suddenly in the dying embers they start attacking. Even worse, they score a goal on the 89th minute, bring the score back to 1-1.
"Unbelievable," howls Brazil as he smashes up his handiwork and sends the trestle table flying, "it's the end of everything!"
The match ends 1-1 and Tony Brazil has to be sedated, so captain Schermerhorn steps up to the plate, "missing out on the win is upsetting but other results played into our hands. Especially Blubb Blubb's.
"Only Blubb Blubb's result in fact; but their draw is enough to ensure that we are at least in the end of season play-offs, and we'll only end up in the play-off place if we lose and Ancora win next round with a combined goal difference swing of seven.
"I am not the tactician here, but I suspect we'll in our game we'll defend, defend, defend," Schermerhorn laughs, "then maybe a bit more defending after that. If that does the job only then can we release Brazil from the hospital and have a great big Estadio Lucifer promotion party.

"Otherwise it's the play-offs and Lucifer help us all."

2019-06-13 19:31 668 Views Reporter: Gago_94

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