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Economic Girlymen FC
Division 5:12, Dream League
Manager: Pacific.Panache
Insipid Girlymen continue streak
Economic Girlymen continued their winning run to nine consecutive matches with a 2-0 win at Sacramento FC, despite producing arguably their most bumbling, the insipid performance of the season.  

In a match dominated by referee Manuel Ficuz, who produced enough cards to be a professional poker player in his next career, the Girlymen went in front on the quarter-hour after a scrappy finish from Pontus Jacobi, who reacted fastest to Allan Khosrawi's low ball into the box. The visitors extended their lead from the penalty spot on 36 minutes through veteran Zsigmond Barsi,

However, if Economic's fans were expecting that to be the start of a goal avalanche, they were to be disappointed as the visitors bumbled their way through the second 45 minutes.  Veli Lehtinen's late dismissal for fouling Gino Albertis after falling over the ball typified their incompetent second half. Manager Pacific Panache blamed the alarmingly low standard of Division six for his team's substandard performance.

"What can I say? It was a very insipid and incompetent performance. One of the worst I've ever seen. The only saving grace for us is that our opponents were even worse. To be fair, we haven't had to play particularly well in any match this season. It looks like incompetence is contagious, and we've caught a bad case. I'll be in contact with Dr. Frankenstein to find an antidote as soon as possible."

Economic Girlymen travel to 2 Girls 1 Schlupp in their next match.

2020-01-08 18:40 1158 Views Reporter: Sayan44

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