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Toulouse Aerospace AFC
Division 3f, Major League
Manager: TheMoss
Season Signed and Sealed
Toulouse Aerospace FC ended a memorable campaign with a 2-0 victory at home against Angora Athletic. The game was a dead rubber for the home side who fielded some youngsters much in need of game time ahead of the end of the season.

That being said the home side looked as hungry as they had all season and went about getting the job done quickly. Two goals inside half an hour from strike partners Ruca Lamego and Elliot Gonnet was enough to seal the win. Despite a man, down for the away said and domination from Toulouse it was how the game ended as it seemed both sides were happy to avoid any serious injuries.

This result and others around the division meant that Toulouse finished the season six points clear at the top, a real testament to the hard work and dedication of the side this season. We caught up with the boss after the trophy presentation to get his feelings on the occasion;

"Well it has been a cracking season for us, and it is great to end it with a win at home when we received the trophy. Finishing six points clear shows the progress we have made in a tough division, last season we ended up third twelve points behind the top and six behind Metz in second. We have managed to add goals this season which has really pushed us clear as defensively we have once more been superb. When you consider the firepower in this division and the goals scored it shows we can rely on that backline to get us through the tough moments."

"The defining period for me was after the defeat to Super Pygmies, we were humbled at home which is something rare and staring at the third spot again. I will not lie I gave the guys a grilling after that game and forced them to watch it over and over and whilst some may not have liked it I think it worked. After that game (in the league) we went on an eight-game win streak and eleven games unbeaten only dropping points (a 1-1 draw) to the Pygmies."

"Next season will be our biggest challenge yet but I feel we are in a great position for the challenge, we have some youngsters now really growing into their potential and the experienced bodies are ready to fight like they always have. It will be a shame Valente will be gone, and we will miss him, but I have confidence in those guys at the back to step up and fill his rather impressive shoes!"  As the players did a lap of honor we caught up with two legends of the club as they paraded the trophy, Captain Murakami and the retiring hero Valente;

Murakami: "It has been a great season for us really, we got a bit cocky early on and got punished but it was good to see the boys brush themselves down and hammer it until the final whistle. Next season will be tough but I feel we are in great shape and I cannot wait."

Valente: "I could not be happier for the fans, my teammates and even myself. It is the dream end to my career to see us get hit to bounce back and claim a title which is amazing and was what I was looking for when I came here."

"Look it will be sad to leave but it is the right time for me, I want to go out at my best and I feel that is starting to drop now. I came here six seasons ago sold the dream by the boss and I have loved every second of being part of that and it has been the best decision of my career, I only wish I could have actually scored a goal! Thank you all for your support over the years and you can bet I will be watching from the stands."

With an emotional day, complete Toulouse begin preparations for next season and one which is bound to be tough! Next up will be our end of season awards, plans from the boss and catch up with two departing players. Our final note is to wish Super Pygmies the best of luck in their playoff!

2020-04-06 09:16 824 Views Reporter: Sayan44

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