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FK Radnik Roystjina
Division 4i, Master League
Manager: Janik17
A season to forget
FK Radnik Roystjina's season goes from bad to worse as they suffered a heavy defeat in the league and were knocked out of the Cup this week.

The Roystjina side were clearly second best to The Bullywee in Sunday's league game as the hosts had nearly 60% possession. However, with five minutes to play Radnik still only trailed 1-0 and retained outside hopes of an unlikely point. These were dashed in the 87th minute when Zachary Charnley doubled the advantage for the Broadwood outfit. 2-0 was a fair reflection on the game but Radnik's heads dropped with the second whilst Charnley was inspired, and he scored twice more in the 89th and 91st minutes to complete a five-minute hattrick and leave the final score at a painful 4-0.

Radnik boss Janik remarked, "that wasn't good enough. Not the first 86 minutes and certainly not the last 6 or 7. Unfortunately we seem stuck in a death spiral towards relegation. Heading back to Division 4 is very definitely not what I was hoping for from this season after being close to a return to Division 2 last term."

Radnik were eliminated from the Master League Cup at the 6th Round stage on Thursday in deeply frustrating fashion. The Roystjina side had the better of the game against Division 2 outfit Väsby Indians FC and were finally rewarded for that when Vitomir Andrejevic headed them in front on 87 minutes. However, the seeds of Radnik's downfall were sown in the first half when first choice 'keeper Stergios Pitsos picked up a minor knock and was replaced by young back-up Davino Verstuyft.

The Radnik defence did a sterling job protecting Verstuyft, who didn't have a single shot to save until the final minute of stoppage time when Väsby were awarded a free-kick in shooting range. There was a sinking sense of the inevitable that this found the back of the Roysjina net. After a chanceless extra-time the game went to a penalties. Radnik were dead-eyed in their attempts, but Verstuyft was not coming close to the Indians ones either. Eventually the pressure of that told on Vinko Cirilovic, who put the 18th attempt of the shoot-out wide as Radnik lost it 9-8!

Janik declined to comment for fear of setting off profanity filters.

2020-04-13 11:42 1325 Views Reporter: TonyBrazil

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