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EO United
Division 2b, Xpert International
Manager: Frizza
Derby day draw
EO United have played out a 1-1 derby day draw against Shamble Athletic, in a match where EO United were made to rue missed chances.

In what was always set to be a tense affair, EO United fans and the notorious Shamble Stabbers flooded the streets of Shamble City early in the morning, drinking in the streets and making their voices heard. Tensions continued to rise when the fans entered the stadium, with the home fans jeering the arrival of the EO United supporters who unfurled a banner reading 'SHAMBLE FOOTBALL GROUP: SHAME'.

Shamble Athletic came out of the blocks firing, going 1-0 up inside 3 minutes courtesy of a Reinaldo Pedro strike. A dirty challenge on EO United veteran midfielder Cliff Greenfield in the 28th minute saw him unable to continue the match due to injury. Shamble Athletic went into the half-time break 1-0 up and as the marginally better side.

But after a rousing half-time fire up from the EO United manager, the away side were the better side in the second half, dominating possession for large parts of the match but failing to capitalise upon chances. However in the 77th minute EO United were awarded a penalty, which captain MIchael Fiddy converted in front of the travelling EO United fans. The away side continued to push for a second goal, but were unable to find the back of the net.

'Whilst it has been a number of seasons since these two sides played in a derby fixture, it is clear that there has been no love lost between the two sides. On another day we might have converted more of our chances and travelled home with the three points, but we will settle for a draw.'

2020-10-07 00:37 810 Views Reporter: TonyBrazil

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