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Granite City Aztecs
Xpert League, Xpert League
Manager: Deeko5574
Curve ball Pitfairn
Granite City manager Mr Deeko spoke after their victory over Pitfairn in the all Scots clash of Div 2b.  Their first game in the double header finished 0-0 at Pitfairn, and 4-2 to Granite in the Granite City.

"Where do I begin?  They certainly threw us a curve ball or two out there, but I'm happy with what we achieved for sure.

"The first game I was actually happy with a point, against such a skillful team, and when our teams are separated by a hair, a point away is decent. We played defensive out of my respect for them because of that.  The big talking point is Pitfairn's decision to play defensive too at home, yeah I get it but a point doesn't really help them much right now. I personally feel they had a chance to up their game by mixing up tactics and having more of a go in front of their own fans.

"Second game? Three at the back and piling players forward away from home, wow! Didn't see that coming, and I thought Mr Wd was crazy when I saw them line up this way.  He is a wiley old fox though, and in all fairness they got about our back line on a fair few occasions and bagged two goals so fair play.

"I had an idea he might man mark our striker, he's done it before, in one or both games, especially the second game, since he didn't do it first game; hence I selected our star midfielder to try to run the show and an attacking mindset to boost our midfield threat in the second game.

"I wish them well, it's a pleasure to play against managers who are both skillful and think differently than I do, it makes life interesting. They're in a bit of bother in the table but they'll get through it and if my lot can help them achieve that goal then we'll be there, no problem!"

Reported By Charley Smiles

2020-10-15 09:16 2480 Views Reporter: TonyBrazil

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