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Dronfield Minnows
Division 5:18, League Of Champs
Manager: Wenger442
Stunning home victory V Elms United
Today, we faced 'Elms United' at home in Round 11 of the Season.  Having beaten them earlier in the season 0-5 away from home, I was fairly confident of victory today.  I went with a very attacking playing style and 4-3-3 formation hoping for a performance to remember in front of our home fans.
It didn't take long for us to take the lead with a goal from André Hahne, who headed home a cross by Carmindo Dias inside the first minute of the game.  We had several good chances in the minutes after the first goal from Andry Ehrlich, but it took until the 12th minute for Carmindo Dias header to extend our lead from Lewis Oxley's cross.  Andry Ehrlich finally got on the score sheet with his own header from a cross by James Kerr on 17 minutes. Andry Ehrlich got his second of the game with a powerful long shot from range assisted by André Hahne in the 22nd minute as we put the game to bed (4-0) with over three quarters of it left.  Young forward Gunnar Blum made it 5-0 on 28 minutes with a flick header from a cross by Günther Schirmer to complete the first half rout.
Four minutes into the start of the second half and we made our first change with Gunnar Blum making way for Claus-Dieter Holzwarth.  In the 68th minute, 'Elms United' had a rare chance in front of goal but our goal keeper made the save to deny them a consolation goal.  Claus-Dieter Holzwarth volleyed home our sixth of the match from a corner by Günther Schirmer on 70 minutes.  Andry Ehrlich completed his hat trick and scored his second header of the game from a cross by André Hahne 3 minutes later to make it a record 7-0 for the Minnows.  Our second change came in the 81st minute with Günther Schirmer coming off to be replaced by Niguel Jesús in midfield.  Pepe Zuca was our final substitution being replaced by Maximilian Thon on 88 minutes.
After a couple of minutes of injury time, the referee blew his whistle and we claimed a complete victory over our opponents.  With three matches remaining, we have secured at least a play off spot.  The title is still in doubt with remaining matches including those in 2nd & 3rd over the coming weeks.

2021-02-03 21:04 570 Views Reporter: TonyBrazil

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