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Zantas appoint Trmitchell

Following Jaseyb01's appointment at Portus Cale, Zantas were left with a question, do they try and get a tried and tested Pro League manager or try something different? The answer the Zantas board went with, was something different, very different.

Zantas response to Trmitchell's appointment was "Who!?". Trmitchell is a young manager who managed Adora Trails FC in Division 6.35 and finished in a respectable 5th with a very young and new squad. In complete contrast to fans, the board are static with the appointment and cannot wait to see what the new manager can achieve.

"We are delighted that Trmitchell completed the application form to take the management role in our club. In the midst of a takeover with new ownership, the club needs something fresh to help us rebuild momentum, and we believe Trmitchell is our man."

In Trmitchell's first press conference, he came across as very positive and calm, which resonated well with the questionable Zantas fan base.

"It is a pleasure to be here" said Trmitchell. "This club has a lot of history and success but has been declining over recent years. There is a need to do something different to restart momentum and get this great club to where it deserves to be. The fans need something to celebrate again."

When asked about transfer policy and priorities for the next season, Trmitchell was very transparent.

"I am big fan of creating a team rather than a squad of individuals, so team cohesion is critical. We recently conducted a high performing teams session to assess the team's chemistry and the outcome was very positive, but we have agreed that Guilherme Rebelo will be sold before the start of the season. We want to thank him for his service for his one and only season at the club, but it is the club's best interest for him to move on."

Guilherme Rebelo following Trmitchell's statement echoed the new manager's view.

"When the team chemistry assessment was completed I knew that there would be a potential problem. I haven't gelled with the lads as much as I would have wanted and if I am perfectly honest, I was already looking at my options for another club."

Trmitchell did announce that he is in the market for a young defender and midfielder to help with the clubs ageing squad.

"We need to have long term success and continuity, not just focus on season to season. Therefore we are looking for players that can be long term legends. There are a few players that we have our eye on, we just need to get them in at the right price."

Zantas got relegated from Division 3a facing their fourth straight relegation, so Trmitchell was asked about his objectives for the new season in Division 4.

"We need to stop the rut of relegations. That has to be the priority. The Divisions get drawn in the coming days so we will see who we are up against before we set our season's objectives, but for the fans we need to stop getting relegated."

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