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The Fifth Column
Division 3h, Power League
Manager: Woodstock11
38 million econ and over 23 bars!!!
Before Woodstock11 finally finds the time for a proper press on the magical endeavours of The Five Points' great and awesome The Fifth Column, a quicker more rambling one now! Econ! Skillbars!

Inflation? Deflation? Development? Matrginal gains? Maximization? Mentors? Sound observations and calculations? Small Sqauds? Nonsense?!! Manage all parameters instead of one?!! Be smart?!!

Whatever the case. The Fifth Column survived division 4, again, in splendid magical fashion which is beyond anything. Meanwhile an insane squad size of 22 for the fourth season in a row did the job. Oh and they got over 23 bars added too. The fourth season in a row over 22 bars and the second highest ever. Making the team sitting as the second valuable squad in the league surpassing about 16 other teams at the moment.

Ah and The Fifth Column did break some other record. Old records on transfers on a day sat between 25-30 million econ but today no less than 38 million econ was brought in to the club by the sale of three players And there are still 19 amazing talents left.

The Fifth Column won a friendly too over Norax FC in a touth all game for both (thanks for that).

Also awaiting hopefully The Fifth Column are making power moves within the Power league, scouting and hopefully buying exceptional players of fantastic big clubs in the league. Foremost a 20-9 striker the league's most valuable team The Swa has on offer. Although a last minute bidding war is ongoing unfortunately so it might be a less good deal than hoped for.

So Woodstock11 is again upping the squad size. Is he crazy? It is not what others do? The Five Points fans do not think so. In fact the Rabbits, Natives and Boys; they are thrilled and amazed.

More expansion later. For now just saying. Insane management needed at the Points. Worth while, possible, achieved and good.

Just saying. Good luck. Have fun. Enjoy.

2021-07-05 10:30 2007 Views Reporter: TonyBrazil

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