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Gentlemens Practice
Division 4i, Xpert International
Manager: Gphoenix
An important X11 story
This Press release is an homage to a player I've spent 20 seasons with since he was a 17 year old and 4 skill player who I bought for just 1 321 500 Econ from Bill Nicholson F.C.(ironically also in Division 5 currently) back in season 45.

Tyler came all the way from being said 17/4 skill to being a 17 skill 30 year at his peak (Note, I've had higher skilled players), even though he was just 27 when we won the Xpert International with our very un-fancied team back in season 56.

After struggling to defend our title the following season it was apparent that we'd made it to the top that little bit too late in our years. So after making the VERY HARD decision to sell all our stars off (we had all been together from a young age) it was easy for me as a manager to see that Tyler was the one I needed to keep to help bring in the new era.

He was a leader, he did not like getting beat and he had a stupidly loud north east accent that people listened to in the changing room.

Since season 56, for me and my coaching team personally it's been hard. Not because we fell from grace, the Xpert International Champions, but that I knew the challenge at hand in creating a team in the ashes of those champions that could be better, was going to be a VERY hard challenge, yet incredibly long!!

Tyler was on board with me from day one. I was not surprised.

He saw his friends sold to clubs all around the world as I brought in players that I believed are at a level I can develop into champions, yet all half his age.

We've fallen down 5 divisions. Yet he said to me at the end of last season when in division 4, "we'll start coming back next season you know. But that will be my last season gaffer."

As a football manager I'd easily have got two more seasons of the highest calibre out of him. However as a friend, I understood the injuries over the past 2/3 seasons hurt even more after every game. I know this from my own playing days only too well.

So, I've written you a small snippet of the Tyler Geller story and trust me it's just a snippet. However I'd like to take this moment to say, "thank you, my player, my captain and now my life long friend. Enjoy your retirement with your family and what ever else life will give you. You are likely this club's best, yet most important player EVER. God bless you Tyler Geller. X"

2021-10-28 22:28 1109 Views Reporter: TonyBrazil

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Musical Chairs Completed
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Baboons win top of the tree clash
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An important X11 story
Gentlemen also cry

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