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Manager: Grengo01
Splendid win
Mancunian Maniacs turned on their best away performance yet on the eve of Christmas to dispose of Perksys Plonkers away in the most convincing of fashion but they know that in the group that is reputed to be the tightest of all, where the top and the fifth team is only separated by 2 points, the next clash with DLXDCF will be most crucial. If they can replicate their performance here at Perksys, Maniacs may stand a chance.

But, Dustin Southall gave Maniacs the best of start after Jason Swan who intercepted the ball in midfield floated the ball to him on the right where he picked it up and slalomed all the way to the edge of the box and let fly a left footed stinger that sent the ball to the top corner with the keeper rooted and the noisy stadium silenced except for the small band of Maniacs supporters who roared away.

After the goal, and adrenalin running high, Sid Wicks from MMFC, Ajdin Salihic and Sarmad Mikha from Perksys went into the referee's book for some overenthusiastic challenges. Before the break however, Sarmad Mikha who was felled in the box by Jason Swan in a mistimed tackle resulted in a penalty duly converted by Mikha in the 42nd minute. Just as when they thought they would be heading for halftime tied, Glen Sheen had other ideas, in probably the last kick of the half, he connected a Bob Horne cross with a stinging volley to the back of the net in the 45th minute. Maniacs were rampant.

Second half was a tight affair as Noel Ohlund, arguably the most influential player last night let fly a 30 yard stinger to the top right of the goal in the 72nd minute. The goal probably sealed the game dominated by the visitors who also looked the more dangerous the entire night. But they were not complete as Sheen took his second of the night after being fed by Ohlund and rounding the keeper in the 85th minute. While Maniacs rejoiced, the home side pulled one back in the 89th minute as Mikha took his second after Theodoros Karkanis robbed the ball off the Maniacs and found Mikha unmarked and he duly slotted the ball past a hapless Pembridge to make the score 4-2.

"We played well tonight." beamed the gaffer. "But next week it will be a tough derby with the Dons. We had a tough first game and they would want revenge. It is another top of table clash and we will be hard pressed to come up with another top performance after a tiring and draining back to back fixture with Perksys." he said concernedly.

Maniacs play the Dons next, winner will lead the table and as the league winds down to the final matches, Div 6:44 is too close to call with all 5 teams at the top having a great chance to go forth with 2 points separating all of them, the next few matches will separate the boys from the men.

2007-12-25 12:21 201 Views Reporter: CosmicRichie

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