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Manager: Grengo01
Rattled nerves
Mancunian Maniacs came back from their successful two away games against arguably the toughest teams in Div 6:44 victorious and they trooped onto the pitch to take on Sura Dungun, a team languishing in relegation and they thought they had the game lock, stock and barrel after 10 minutes but how wrong they were.

The homesters had a glorious start after a slick back heel by Bob Horne found Graeme Bushell unmarked at the edge of the six yard box and he needed no invitation to thunder the ball to the roof of the net in the 3rd minute. Hardly had the euphoria settled down, another youngster Troy Tabbart justified the gaffer's faith in him starting tonight by nodding in a corner after Bushell flicked it off a Bob Horne's corner. Two nil up and the homesters thought they are going to steamroll the team from Dungun. But they were in for a rude shock.

The visitors started to dictate the pace and the game and although Petrisor Gainusa was booked in the 19th minute, the visitors threatened the homesters time and again but the homesters held out valiantly. In the 71st minute however, Maniacs crumbled. Off a corner by Vali Florinache who dragged the ball to the edge of the box, Dragos Cezarescu teed the ball with his first touch and sent a curler to the top right corner of Pembridge's goal and the homesters were shell shocked.

The visitors then were rampaging all over for the equalizer and it duly came when Petrisor Gainusa who had been a thorn to the homesters the entire night sent in a screamer from 30 yards out and Stretford End went deathly quiet while the visitors’ 2000 odd fans went utterly wild. Many would have thought Maniacs would crumble with 12 minutes to go. But, with 2 seasons of heartbreaking experience to egg them on, Neil Jeffers who received the ball from the half way line after a desperate clearance by Noel Ohlund suddenly found himself in acres of space as the visitors went for the jugular, but instead Jeffers found himself racing towards goal and rounded the goalie and slide the ball home to a yawning goal for Maniacs 3rd in the 83rd minute.

3-2 up and once again Stretford End was a cauldron of noise and party. A minute later Jason Swan was taken off with a suspected ankle injury and Grengo duly gave new youth James Elvinsson his debut. Geoff Oatway was booked for time wasting in the 91st minute and the crowd was relieved when the referee blew the final whistle and Maniacs still top the Division.

A relieved gaffer spoke after the match, "We were lucky indeed. I hope we will be less nervy in the coming match. This is truly a test of our nerves and with Kabul and Ta Giorni breathing down our necks, DLXDECF just two more points off the pace, we cannot afford to slip up. We will have to tighten our game against a fast improving SENG fc."

2008-01-08 14:15 228 Views Reporter: CosmicRichie

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