DV Doubles Not Nailed On
Club achieves promotion to the Final League... but the manager's thoughts are elsewhere.

"Not for sale" - Panache
Wanderers not going anywhere says manager, meaning his players are staying put.

JFC destroyed
'I am the exact opposite to a genius' jives manager JiveTurkey

Eager to get the ball rolling
No recklessness, just a shed load of goals demands manager

Best Fiver Ever!
Pinegrove fans get value for money as they witness a ten goal thriller
2017-09-21 00:58 How to shoot one's self in the foot
2017-07-22 23:43 FINALLY
2016-10-10 22:25 Meilton to become star
2016-09-27 22:42 Wahn Given Testimonial
2016-09-12 09:51 Rare Signing For FCV
2016-09-08 00:39 Feet On Ground
2016-04-12 17:01 FC Rocco Div 5:19 Champions
2016-01-14 18:57 Surprise Sale At Vito
2016-01-09 02:14 Successful Failed Bid
2016-01-05 22:34 Trotters promoted after play-off win
2015-10-23 23:03 FC Rocco's Cihlar Night to remember
2015-08-26 03:10 Vito Gubbed Again
2015-06-20 14:52 Inter Wonderland!
2015-06-09 11:16 Hanging around a bit longer
2015-06-03 23:57 Flying Fish FC blew out of water!!
2015-05-10 11:31 Wow.
2015-05-03 21:54 The crossbar hero
2015-03-15 13:56 Fast start delivers maiden win
2015-03-14 01:43 Too easy for FC Massive as they move up.
2015-03-04 17:50 Me, Myself and the Powerpuff Girls
2015-02-28 10:01 The Powerpuff Girls Manager Speaks
2015-02-22 22:53 Top Flight Here We Come
2015-02-10 20:44 Captain leads Honey Badgers to cup final
2015-02-03 22:25 Then There Were Four
2015-01-04 16:48 Honey Badgers Claw Way Their To Victory

A new Master in town
Dfarls celebrates the Master league and cup double with a nice pot of Yorkshire's finest!

Xpert Champions League L
The 50th season of Xpert Champions League has been drawn.

It's not about the money
Are managers still motivated by teams with econ and if not why not? The Daily investigates.

Xpert Champions League Final
All the action as Lerums BK face off against Xpert International rivals Stardust Evalution

Xpert Champions League Semi Finals
Four teams remaining, and for two of them, the chance of ultimate glory!

Xpert Champions League Quarter Finals
All the action, as the favourites receive a major scare.

Spike wins Manager of the Week
Manager of Division 4k side Gorgie Boys 1874 claims Manager of the Week after two excellent matches

Xpert Champions League gets serious!
All the action as the Xpert Champions League reaches the knock-out stage.

Merry Christmas from the Xpert Daily
Everyone at the XD would like to wish you seasons greetings... and also welcome your article suggestions

XCL Group Stages Conclude
As the Xpert Champions League qualifiers conclude, a surprise contender emerges
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