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XCL 59: quarter-finals
The Xpert Champions League tournament reaches the quarter-final stage

Manager of the Week: Sherman530
Old timer breaks the game engine with their new team Old Salt

Final day showdown in Ultimate League 54
The last "live" final day showdown in Ultimate League history produces a massive result as Partizan Belgretna usurp The Outcasts in dramatic scenes!

Manager of the week: Kfc121348
Fifteen years of faffing pay off as 6th tier Pro League manager is awarded Manager of the Week

Manager of the Week: Shabbagaz
Tactical triumph

Game Over
With Adobe not supporting Flash Player into 2021, a number of functions will no longer be supported, with the biggest casualty being The Game.

Manager of the week: Blob
Legendary manager's skill recognised as their latest team navigate a difficult week

XCL 58 : The Conclusion
Debutant Åkerstorp put to a task of stopping Recognize This from winning their third XCL title, as these two faces each other in the XCL 58 final

Manager Of The Week: Feeltheforse
A force to be reckoned with?

XCL 58 Round up: Road to the final
A mix of new and old teams spiced up the knockout stages, as XCL's 58th season entered into the quarter-finals
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