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Smoke and mirrors
A new predator on the block threatens to end DF United's reign while we have an early exit for the Cup champs

Avoiding donuts could land Homer title
At the halfway point the League of Champs & a familiar character leads the way. While the early rounds of the cup provides big matchups & shock exits

Scozza21 wins MOTW!
It's been a while but England have another MOTW winner

FC Laranjas Podres Claim X-Int Double
Six different winners in the past six seasons makes the Xpert International one of the toughest to predict.

Who wants to win the UL? The Sequel
6 points seperate the top 7 as the Ultimate League continues to be one of the more exciting leagues on X11, perhaps even moreso this season.

Will it be Six?
You Guessed it, SparkaSpring are looking to make history once again.

United all the way to the top
Proleter United managed to claim the league title preventing Sine Fine from winning their fifth straight Euro League, and Morton Manor claimed the cup

XCL - the 10 most shocking moments!
A reflective look back at some of the XCL's greatest, shocking and most controversial moments

Super League Mid-Season Review
The Xperts predicted a three-way title fight, while other powerhouses were expected to struggle. Would the Xperts get it right this time?

Android app is here!
We´ve made some changes regarding team quota and also released the android app.
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