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Classic celebrations by party Animals
A team of psychopaths win the Classic league while a former Xtreme League hero lands the Classic League cup. (Updated interviews now included)

Masterful Assault from Dark Athena
The Romanians became the 17th winner of the Master League but can they defend their crown as Master League Cup champions?

Pro League mid-season Review
All the action from the first half of the Pro League, with a shock leader and some big names in relegation trouble

Chrille makes it a historic Hattrick
Season 39 wraps up with a familiar face landing both the league and the cup once again as Chrille makes a bit of Hattrick league history

The lion’s share of power
In Power League season 32 Nesa’s Lions looked too strong to be beaten, but one team put a thorn in their paw. This review covers all the action.

Xpertly done: Xpert League season 39
The Xpert League season 39 review featuring Futurama, some Killer Bimbos and a team that did it Xpertly

Is winning even enough any more?
Final League latest including unhappy winners, happier runners-ups and an interview with one of England's finest female managers

Xtreme Winning!
H0LST makes it 4 in a row with Interpool FC and Corbu's Deus Ex Machina mops up in the Xtreme League Cup...

Jelly5id wins MOTW!
It's catch up time for an English manager who won manager of the week in the final week of June

This was their finest hour
Golden League latest including surprise winners in the league and cup, and a remarkable XCL run
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