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DF United ends Interpool's Xtreme dream
Interpool pipped to the post by tightest of margins yet again as DF United secure first win

X-International Remains Unpredictable
With seven different champions in the previous eight season, the Xpert International remains one of the toughest leagues to predict.

Euro Mid-Season 41 Review
Imperium Sine Fine look to claim their 5th straight Euro League title, but they face extremely tough competition in a season that appears up for grabs

You'll Never Walk Alone
Spirit Of Shankly surprise everyone, including their manager, to win the Ultimate League title, while a new powerhouse side emerges to claim the Cup.

S.C.P wary of Tarantino script from TH8
S.C.P. Odivelas come from nowhere to do battle with The Hateful Eight for the Dream League title

Tour de France just Super
Tour de France take their third championship in a row, and a Cup win for good measure.

Five-time champion?
Season 40 continues to be close in the Major League but who triumphed at its conclusion?

Q&A with the crew
Our Romanian colleagues done an interview with Wayne and we're sharing with the English community

All out War as battle begins for title
The battle is on for the Classic League title, while like the English FA cup there were shocks aplenty, plus XCL news, manager changes and more

Old Masters defiant against new ones
Master League is a four horse race between old names Assault on Dark Athena and Chelsea and newly promoted sides Abu Hassan FC and Black Lotus.
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