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Road to Glory - Round 4 & 5 update
A step away from reality, as The Wraith continue their cup progress with a 4th round venture to Afghanistan. We then follow the winner into round 5.

Idbowman claims Manager of the Week
United States manager Idbowman overcame all obstacles to claim Manager of the Week after a turnaround week.

Historic moment for Kazakhstan
The first Kazakhstan manager was awarded Manager of the Week, and no his name was not Borat.

Where are they now? - FC Ballbreakers
The latest edition in the Where are they now? series see us take a look back at the most successful Master League team of all time...

Road to Glory - Round 3
The Wraith faced a real David v. Goliath battle in the third round. Did they cause a major upset or fall on their sword?

Private Leagues in the spotlight III
An exclusive look at some of the best international leagues in the game

Road to Glory - Round 2
Last time we left The Wraith they were preparing for their second round cup game. Did they make it through?

New Gold Dream
The Euro League Cup has a new winner. But who is it?

Xpert Champions League XLIV
The 44th season of Xpert Champions League has been drawn.

Shady Rebels achieve cup final dream
The Dream League final saw two top English managers go head to head to battle for cup glory.
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