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Major close in season 40
Viljusa Utd and SparkaSpring go head to head once again but Dinamo Delta Tulcea have some surprises in store.

Sine Fine Continue Euro League Dominance
Sine Fine claim their 4th straight league title and 8th league title in eleven seasons, however, Partizan walk away with Euro Cup glory.

H0LST back to win 3rd Xtreme title?
6 round review of the Xtreme League and Xtreme League Cup as Göteborg FC and A. D. Manteigas defend their respective crowns.

Super League Mid-Season Review
Can anyone stop Tour de France this season?

Xpert Champions League XXXIX
The 39th season of Xpert Champions League has been drawn.

5 points between the top 6 in UL34
It really is that close as 6 teams stake their claims for a title early on, with Spirit of Shankly leading the way, while the Pandas sit bottom.

In a rematch of XCL XXXVI Chrille faces Svajo as the two Swedes battle it out once again

EX6 follow Basica in Dream debut win
Rbjayb keeps the Dream League title in the south of England after debut success whilst The Brains meet Wycombe Wanderers in the cup final

Coach's Corner Xmas Xtra: outfield SQs
The advantages, underlying traits and quirks of outfield SQs

Review: Xpert Eleven app
The new Xpert Eleven app for iPhone has recently been released and we here at the Xpert Daily share our thoughts on just that.
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