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Name:Razvan Briscariu
Age:37 years
Xpert rating:
Last visit:2022-12-08 14:46
Member since:2006-12-20
Favorite player:Roberto Carlos
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Best (2010-06-15)

Current  1376 of 11497  100 of 486
Best  1 (2010-04-17)

"There is only one god and his name is Death. And there is only one thing we say to Death: "Not today." - George R.R. Martin, A Game of Thrones

Please invite me in your league, so I can report your message. I do not care if we know each other or not. Disrespect is punishable.
Te rog sa ma inviti in liga ta pentru a putea raporta mesajul. Nu ma intereseaza daca ne cunoastem sau nu. Lipsa de respect se sanctioneaza.
The most important achievements in X11:

- The best manager in the game: No. 1 at April 17, 2010
- Manager of the week: once, at March 10, 2010
- Winner of the Ultimate League - Top Division - XV season with Xandria (NFSC FC)
- Winner of the Ultimate Cup - season XVIII with FC Sloga
- two consecutive appearances in XCL.
- reached the semi-finals of XCL.
- 4 consecutive promotions in Hattrick League (as manager of Fight 4 Fame 2012) and and 5th overall:
+ Won Division 6:62 season 39
+ Won Division 5:30 season 40
+ Finished 2 out of 8 in Division 4o season 41
+ Won Division 3h season 42
- Won Division 2d season 44
- Finished 2 out of 8 in Division 1b season 45
- The greatest achievement in Xpert Ladies : Finished 5 out of 8 in The Xpert Ladies (first division) season 19 (2009)
- the only derby ever played in X11, XCL quarter-finals:

Wesenbergh United FC (Sam11) - F.C. Sloga 0-1
F.C. Sloga - Wesenbergh United FC (Sam11) 1-0

- Record: 26 consecutive unbeaten matches in official matches in Hattrick League (from June 14 to October 18, 2014) = 126 days

- Record: 30 consecutive unbeaten matches in championship in Hattrick League - from April 12 to December 6 (2014) = 238 days

- Always better than Sam11!!!
Official teams

The Flash
Serie:Division 3h
Placed:8th out of 8


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Romanian Telegraph (Matusalemic)
Briscarie`s Whores
The League of O... (CPI_46)
Coronavirus MNT
Romanian Total War (Matusalemic)
Power Rangers
Fight Club (Sam11)

Teams in the past
Ceahlaul 1919 Ladies
The Xpert Ladies
The ChrillzmeisteR
Master League
The Tomorrow People
Euro League
Shreks Eleven
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The Xpert Ladies
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