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Manager of the Week: Splats
Sentimental Splats surprised

Major League Season 64 Review
After three promotions in as many years Extreme would make it four titles in four to break the monopoly on the Major Leagues highest tier!

Tin wins Manager of the Week
Lion tamer Tin gets Tan Cho Lions roaring

XCL Group Stage review and Power Ranking
The group stages are over. This is a review of how the teams fared plus a pre-tournament Power list calculating the best managers in the competition.

Manager of the Week: Hennes finds glory
Managerial magic sees Medomalacuphobiacs rise to the occasion in the league, then be tactically strong despite a deflating experience in the cup

Dream season Dream title
It was a battle of the Nations in Season 57 of the Dream League as a number of teams fought it out for the title

Xpert Ladies 63: Doobily do the double
Xpert Ladies season 63: "No wonder it's not often done in here," sweats ShamLam manager after their great achievement

(A Late) Euro League Review Season 64
AC Millerpool edge out a tight season to lift the league for the first time.

Manager of the Week: Orientalist
Orientals won the Final League ten seasons ago, now on their way back with the same manager at the helm picking up Manager of the Week on the way

Podcast with Iwe - a summary!
The creator of Xpert Eleven made a guest appearance at the Swedish podcast - here is a summary of some interesting facts from the episode
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