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Angry Birds seal sensational double
Angry Birds retain their Ultimate League crown after a dramatic season finale

An Extreme Response
Extreme respond to losing the league title last season with a dominant season in the Major League.

Super League superstar
Team of the Month? World number one ranking manager? Do these mean anything when trying to retain a title? Ask Irving94 of FC YHC

XCL LXV (65) Group Stage review
A firey group stage with Angry energy, psychos and werewolves in huffs plus history being made

400 Champions - Brutal list!
The unpaid staff of The Xpert Daily has spent weeks, going through 1500+ teams in order to find the active managers with most titles to their name

Xpert Ladies 65: Defiant Doobily
New challengers same challenge as they aim to stop ShamLam Doobily Dodgers winning the Xpert Ladies league for the fifth time in a row

Manager of the Week: Sergey_Kisliy
Here comes the sun as Rajala Sunrise BK turn up the heat

Miller Time in the Euro League
AC Millerpool shrug off yesterday's legends and tomorrow's heroes to reclaim the Euro League title.

Angry Birds soar to dramatic title
The final day of the season sees the most improbable title win as Angry Birds do a Bristol Rovers and win big on the final day to claim the UL title

Xpert Champions League LXV
The 65th season of Xpert Champions League has been drawn.
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