If you want to extend your playing experience at Xpert Eleven and want to contribute to the ongoing development of the game you can become a VIP member. We offer you a VIP package full of a extra features. The features in the VIP package will not make your teams more successful but it will enhance the playing experience and make Xpert Eleven even more fun to play.

The following features are included in Xpert VIP (expand all features)

More refined

Club logo
You can upload club logo for your teams. The club logo will be stored on our server and you will be able to upload the club logo from the team settings page. The image must be either jpg or gif and may not exceed 30 kB. The maximum size is 150 px in height and 125 px in width. The club logo will be shown on the team page where the main sponsor usually has its logo.
League logo
If you are VIP and league admin for a league you will be able to upload a league logo for your league. This will be shown on the league info page, the standings page (league table page) and on the league presentation page which is shown when searching for the league. The league logo may not exceed 400 px in width or 80 px in height or be larger than 50 kB.
Forum signature
As a VIP member you have the possibility to have your own personal signature in forum messages.
Face editor

VIP members can edit or create new player faces. You can either create entirely new faces or edit the existing faces in private leagues. You can only edit the existing player faces in the Xpert Leagues and the Xpert Ladies.

VIP members can change/remove the following items on an existing player face: Bling, mustache, beard and chest hair
Custom designed shirts
As a VIP you will be able to design your own shirts and upload them to our server. This is done on the team settings page. If you do not want to or do not know how to to design your own shirt you can choose one that has been uploaded by another member. You find the custom designed shirts via the link on the team settings page.

More fun

Extra features in "The Game"
As a VIP member you will have extra features available in "The Game".

-Current standings view
With this view you can easily follow the current standing in your serie.

-Tactics view
This view will allow you to see your own tactics and the tactics set by your opponent.

-Other matches view
This will let you follow other matches played at the same time in the league. If it is a league game you will see other matches in your series. You may follow up to 6 matches. You can select which matches you want to follow. This is a great opportunity to follow your favourite teams and this makes the favourite team feature even more useful. If you watch a cup match in "The Game" the other matches view will show other matches from the current round. If you have favourite teams still in the cup their matches will appear first. But you may select other matches to follow.

-Ball possession graph
This view will show you a graph that shows which team that possesses the ball during the game.

The current standings view, the other matches view and the ball possession graph is updated live during your game.
Writing permissions in the guest books
All managers have a guest book, but it is only VIP managers that have permission to write in them.
Always full team quota
As VIP you will always have full team quota no matter how long you have been a member or how your Xpert rating is. This means that you are always allowed to have a team in 1 Xpert league and 5 private leagues.
Direct transfers
Direct transfers are only available to VIP-members. Direct transfer is a transfer system where one buys players directly from another club in the league without any agents being involved. It is up to every league to decide if direct transfers are allowed between VIP-members in that particular league. The possibility of allowing direct transfers does not exist in the Xpert Leagues.
Dynamic change report
VIP-members can when viewing the change report, decide if they want to see the entire change report or whether they want to view each players´ change report individually.
Player name changes
VIP-members can change the name once of every player in the squad that has not got any history in other clubs and if the league admin has activated player name changes in the league. Note that this VIP-feature is only available in the private leagues.
VIP leagues with an extra playing day for playing cups
If all members in a league are VIP you will be able to have cup tournaments even if the league plays 2 league matches a week. You may also use the extra day for friendlies. If a league is a VIP league only VIP members will be able to join the league.

More convenient
More favourite teams and more possibilities of monitoring favourite teams
As a VIP member you can have up to 50 favourite teams instead of 3. You will get information about any press releases they issue, any new players they have bought or players they have lost. This feature is particularly useful if you have a team in an Xpert League or some other larger league where it can be difficult to keep track of other teams/managers you want to follow more closely.
As a VIP member you will see a small symbol representing a small notebook in the bottom frame to the right of the team kit. If you click on it a small window will appear where you can write and save notes. You can save notes about your team or more general ones. This feature is especially useful if you are a league admin., but can also be useful for those who only manage a team.
View other teams' latest lineups and how the individual players performed
Everyone can see their own last lineup along with the player's individual grades. As a VIP-member you get access to this information for all the teams in the league. You find the latest lineups in the team menu.
Team comparisons
If you are a VIP member you will have access to a page where you can compare two teams. In fixtures and in the Xpert pools you will be able to see a magnifying glass () by each match. You will also be able to find a link to the team comparison from the other teams team menu and from the page where you have your favourite teams listed. By clicking on the magnifying glass you will see a comparison between the two teams or between the team you are viewing and your team in the league. You will see the matches played between the two teams and a summary of the match statistics from those matches. Try out the team comparisons
Extended search options
The search options for managers are increased if you are VIP. VIP managers can also rank the search result after manager ranking.
Standings for the last 5
A VIP member will see the tab "Last 5" along with the tabs "Total", "Home" and "Away" on the standings page. This tab is based on the last 5 rounds in the league. There has to have been at least 6 rounds in the league the current season for the tab "Last 5" to be visible as it otherwise doesn't have any function.
Watch list on the transfer market
VIP members have the ability to save a search on the transfer market as a watch list. The watch list will be valid for 3 weeks and during those 3 weeks the VIP member will each day there are new players on the transfer market matching his/hers watch list criteria get a mail about it.
Previous results in league table
VIP members can easily see how their already played league games ended in the current season, both home and away. A red arrow pointing down stands for loss, green arrow pointing up stands for win and a black ball for a draw. This feature gives you an overview of how your played games ended and also what games that are left to play.
Customized menu icons
VIP members have the opportunity to change the menu icons inside the leagues. The menu icons works as shortcuts to favourite pages on Xpert Eleven. VIP members have a large number of icons/shortcuts to select from.
Opponent overview
This feature makes it convenient for VIP members to set tactics. It shows all info needed about your opponent to set the tactics, like what formations he played lately, his last 5 games with the lineup, the opportunity to buy and see tactic reports from these five matches and you are also able to see your opponent's squad with its players.
Tactic reports bought marked
When you visit an opponents played matches list then you will find that all matches that have a tactics report available for are marked with an little icon. This can be convenient when you are facing an opponent that you have faced before or someone whos previous match you for some reason has bought a tactic report for before.

More interesting
Form analysis
This feature makes it easier to follow the change in form of your players with the help of a graph showing the player's recent form. The graph shows the player's last 6 form entries. The red curve shows how the player's form has changed lately and the horizontal golden line shows the player's average form for the current season.
Polls in the forums
As a VIP member you have the possibility to create polls in the forums. The poll is placed above your forum thread. The poll can contain up to eight answer alternatives.
League diagram
VIP members have the possibility to generate league diagrams for each series in the league. The league diagram will show each selected team's position in the series through the season so far. You will be able to select which teams you want to be displayed in the diagram. You can select between 1 and 8 teams.
Club history graphs
If you are a VIP-member you will now be able to see the club's league merits displayed in a graph. The graph will be visable if the club has played competive matches at least 2 seasons. If the league's season is ongoing the club's current position in the league will be displayed in the graph with a dashed light blue line. If you are a VIP-member you will now be able to see the club's cup merits displayed in a graph. The graph will be visable if the club has completed at least 2 cup tournaments.
Your own team and your favourite team's position in the monthly team ranking
When you check the page about Team of the month in a league you will as VIP be presented your place in the current monthly team ranking in that league. Along with your position you will also see the positions of your favourite teams.
Change reports stats
VIP members can see stats from earlier change reports both when it comes to the team as a whole and player by player. With this feature you can compare skill changes in the team and for each player from earlier seasons.
Extra player statistics
As a VIP you will have access to extra player statistics at league level where you can see which players scored most goals, points, assists and so on, not only per series but even for the division or league as a whole. You can even see statistics for different positions in the team. For example what defender scored most goals and so on. The extra player statistics also include most skilled player and best performance in a match. Try out the extended player statistics
Club statistics
As a VIP member you will have access to player statistics for your own team and all the other teams in the league. You can see statistics on the team's best performances for the team as a whole or for any part of the team. There are also other statistics such as the matches with most goals, the biggest wins and biggest defeats.

You can also get an overview of the team's performance and see stats for how the team scores and concedes goals and also when in the matches the team scores and concedes goals. You can also see which team is the team's favorite opponent and nightmare opponent.
Cup statistics
As a VIP member you will have access to player statistics for cup tournaments if your league has a cup. There you will be able to see which players have scored most goals, assists and so on in cup matches. You can see the statistics for the current season or for all seasons.
Team statistics
As a VIP member you will have access to statistics on the teams in the league. For example:
Which team is best/worst on paper based on the players' skill levels.
Which team is richest/poorest. (without seeing the actual amount of money each team has)
Which team has the strongest/weakest form.
Which team has the highest/lowest average age in their squad.
Which team has performed best either in a specific match or on average. For the team as a whole or for only one section of the team. When playing at home or away.
Try out the team statistics

Prices and payment options
You can buy the VIP package in the Xpert Shop. The VIP membership is available in 3 different periods of time with the following prices:

1 month costs 2,90 GBP
3 months costs 8 EUR
6 months costs 14 EUR
12 months costs 24 EUR

If you already are VIP the period will be added to your current VIP period.

Please note that the pricing of VIP can differ dependent on payment method.
We accept:   

Information regarding every payment option can be found in the Xpert Shop.

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